The most amazing thing that happened today ♡

Okay, so here’s what’s up. Today I opened my laptop, opened my latest story, got distracted, couldn’t get myself to type, and then opened my email. And then I got the most wonderful surprise.

Yeee… I got my first ever book review!!!

And, even better, it was sent in by a random stranger, and it was a positive message! 4/5 star rating alongside it!

I won’t go over what all the review actually said or anything… but not one bad word was in it, I do believe. But, if you’re curious enough to see for yourself… it’s on Smashwords.

Getting my first book review, though, I gotta say… I feel beyond thrilled. I honestly didn’t even think anyone would take the time to review my book… let alone give it a good one. And, yeah, I’ve gotten feedback on my Wattpad stories many times before… but it’s not the same as getting a review and rating of a book like this. Honestly, it just feels amazing, and I’m super thankful for it!

So… that’s all. Just a wondrously pleasent surprise to brighten my day. I hope you have an awesome one, too, now… and let me know if you’ve gotten any great reviews lately! Or, if you haven’t… let me know, and maybe I’ll be your first reviewer!

Hearts for everyone today! ♡♡♡

-iKari 💕

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