Introducing… The Quiet Diaries.

Hey y’all hey y’all!

So, I’ve been saying I’ve got a lot on my plate right now with school and finishing my next big book, among a few other things that have come up since I last mentioned that junk, and I said I needed a plan to keep my site alive during this time of… busy times, I guess, so… well, I figured out!

And now I get to introduce to you all… The Quiet Diaries.

The Quiet Diaries

Now, let me explain what this all really exactly is.

The Quiet Diaries will be composed of short, two-liner poetry entries every few days or so. Each one is meant to be short and simple, but also very deep and thought-provoking. You’ll probably understand what I mean more after you read the first entry (tomorrow!).

It’s called The Quiet Diaries, though, because… one, it rhymed, but also because each entry is so short but powerful (kind of like me… haha) that it almost feels like they should be quietly read or even whispered.

So, these entries may go on for a while, but I’ll try my best to post them as often as possible. Also, they will more than likely be my only posts for a while, meaning I’m not gonna bother trying to make up other junk to write about until they’re all done. When they’ll be done, too, I’m not sure… but I feel I’ll know to stop once it seems they’ve ran their course.

Now, you may or may not be interested in knowing this, but I’m actually looking forward to these entries because they pose a bit of a challenge for me. Well, a challenge for me, but probably a blessing to a normal person.

You see, for these entries, I want to come up with them at random and then not retouch them or try to even edit them once I’ve written them down. So, like, just let your mind and pen wander for a second, and then don’t try to ‘perfect’ them once it’s done.

Because I’m a perfectionist. And because I want to lighten my tight grip on the process of perfection.

But, other than that, there’s not much else you need to know about this whole new string of posts coming up. Just be excited for it and… get ready to enjoy this crazy ride!

Look forward to my first entry of The Quiet Diaries tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Introducing… The Quiet Diaries.

  1. I’ve seen a couple of those and I think they’re great! Certainly short yet thought provoking, and this kind of writing is tough for me too (can you tell I’m more of a novel person? 😛).

    Also, Happy New Year! Sorry I’m late with the wishes and everything, I’m still in the process of getting back into reading my favourite blogs. 😅

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    1. Hey, long time no chat!
      Thank you, they’re just something to fill my blog up during my busy months right now, haha, but they’re actually mostly little things that just come to me during the day. Like, either cooking or in the shower or whenever, I just grab a pen and jot it all down.
      Happy New Year to you, too! Hoping this one will be good to both of us, haha! ❤

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