And… we’re back!

Hey homedogs!

So, if you look around my blog/website a little bit… I think you may notice some changes!

First and probably the most important change you’ll notice, though, is……….


Yes, my (mostly WordPress blogger) friends, I finally made the leap from to myactualfreakin’! I know that’s something that’s a common blogging about blogging discussion, and after over 2 years (my god…) of being here, I finally managed to be comfortable and brave and un-stingy enough to buy my own website name.

If you can’t tell, this is a really big deal for me.

I also cleaned up my header links, changed my color scheme, switched out my web icon, added a few sidebar and footer widgets… oh, and put in a new art link to my, ahem, brand new Etsy store site!

Oh, yes, I’m adding an artsy component to my new site set-up! And, maybe, I’ll blog a few times about my artwork and share the paintings I’ve been working on with you guys!

Aside from that, I’m moving on with a fresh web face. Unfortunately… that also means I’m leaving behind iKariLynn. No more copying iCarly. Bummer, I know… but KariLynnM is, literally, only one letter different. Makes a world of change, though!

And, since iKariLynn is no more… I suppose the iconic -iKari signature is also to be no more…

But I think we can all survive with a tiny change in that, too, can’t we?


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