Who is Kari?

Hey, I’m Kari.

I’m just a writer who got bored and decided to start a blog for no reason other than… well, I wanted to, haha.

You might know me as Kari Lynn M., my pen name, pink_cheer_girl, from Wattpad, or… maybe just Kari. Or, actually you might not know me as any of those things. In that case, just call me your new best friend!

You’ll probably learn way more about me from reading my blog, so I’ll just stick to the basics here.

For efficiency, we’ll just stick to the top three things you should know about me.

1. I’m a writer (if you didn’t already get that), and I’ve recently published my second full-length novel!

2. Whenever my fingers aren’t glued to my keyboard I’m probably either thinking about the next thing I’m gonna write, eating a bacon burger, having a movie marathon in my PJs, painting pictures of cute baby bunnies, playing UNO with my nephews, or arguing with my friends as to whether lemons or limes are the better citrus fruit. (The answer is clearly limes, by the way.)

3. I’m only 5 ft tall and pretty much everyone who meets me guesses my age as at least 5 years younger than it actually is because of that. And I’m not really all that old… but I’m also not still stuck in middle school, either. I’ll let you figure the math on that one, though, haha.

And that’s pretty much the basics on me!

Enjoy my blog!

-iKari ♡