I started a POETRY BOOK!

Yes, you heard correctly!

I recently started working more on my poetry writing skills…. and so, because of that, I decided to start a poetry collection book on Wattpad!

And… it’s called Holding onto Stars… and, you can check it right over here, if you’re interested.


(I made the cover myself; I think it looks pretty great, but maybe I’m biased, who knows.)

So, my online poetry class that I’ve mentioned before starts up tomorrow, and I’m super pumped about it, and I’m also hoping that it really helps me gain writing skills over time. So, obviously, expect my poems to gradually change and (hopefully) get better each time I post in this book!

Anyway, I just wanted to let y’all in on the fun here, I guess, and make a short lil’ post about my new poetic endeavor. I posted a pretty lengthy author’s note in the book already, so if you want to really know more about what to expect from the collection or… anything else about it, I suppose, just go on ahead and check out the intro I wrote there.

Oh, but there is one thing I wanted to just mention here…

I’m still planning on occasionally posting poetry on my blog, just like I kind of sometimes already do… but, here’s the exciting part!

I can only write so many poems at a time before I get burnt out on it, you know? And I want to post as many as I possibly can in my collection, right? So… here’s what I plan to do, just as a special thing for all of you!

I’m going to post my poems from my book a day or two early on here, so you all can read them before they’re even posted on Wattpad! And I won’t do it, like, every time or anything… but just every once in a while I’ll give y’all the sneak peek/read first! And I won’t mention that over on Wattpad or anything… it’ll just be our little secret!

So, anyway, that’s pretty much all for now.

Hopefully I’ll get some more writing tips posts going over the next week or so, because I feel like I haven’t done those in a while and they’re kind of supposed to be my thing… I think.

Until then, though, check out my poetry and… stay fresh!


6 thoughts on “I started a POETRY BOOK!

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