Mad Libs: Poem Style

Let’s have some fun today, guys!

I’m sure everybody’s familiar with Mad Libs, right? You know, these things…

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Well, a lot of people used to do these things as kids. At least, I did after I found my older sister’s original Mad Libs book from the 80s yellowing in the bottom of the dresser she handed down to me…

But, if you aren’t familiar, all you do with Mad Libs is come up with random words based on what you’re told to give (for example, give a past-tense verb, give a color, etc.), and then you fill them into the story on the next page, kind of like color by number, but with words. Normally, the stories turn out pretty funny or ridiculous, which is probably why kids love them so much… But, today, we’re gonna try this old trick poem-style!

So, come up with words that are funny/random or more poetic/abstract… it’s up to you!

Now, here’s the words I’ll have you come up with. You can either write/type them down, or just save them mentally. Then, add them into the poem I came up with below by number! Easy, right?

Here we go.

Give me a word that is…

  1. An adjective
  2. A noun
  3. A present-tense verb
  4. An adjective that rhymes with night
  5. Another present-tense verb that rhymes with #3
  6. A plural noun
  7. Another plural noun
  8. A verb that ends in -ing
  9. A body part (can be plural)

(Now fill them into the blanks by number!)

A __(1)__ Day

In the __(2)__ of the night,

There is so much to __(3)__,

But in days so __(4)__,

I have to __(5)__

For __(6)__ have to fall,

And __(7)__ feel small

So when I am __(8)__,

Feel my __(9)__ trembling.

Comment below with your Mad Lib answers!


2 thoughts on “Mad Libs: Poem Style

  1. This is very unique to do in poetry. I had fun doing this!

    A heart-shaped Day
    In the Grand Central Station of the night,
    There is so much to wake
    But in days so bright
    I have to break
    For birds have to fall,
    And oceans feel small
    So when I am sleeping
    Feel my phalanges trembling.

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