…Flashback Friday?

So, guys, I was cleaning/reorganizing my room for the billionth time the other night (it’s actually a type of stress reliever for me, believe it or not)… and I stumbled upon some things that I, deep down, knew that I had but, neither deeply nor superficially, really remembered.

Okay… they’re my old “song” notebooks.

And I do not—NOT—remember writing anything contained in them. I’m kind of thinking they were written by someone else who had practiced my handwriting just to freak me out when I re-found them again like this… but, I guess that conspiracy is not super likely, so we’ll just assume that they really are my original work for right now.

But, anyway, since it is Friday, I supposed we could do a little “flashback” Friday by looking “back” on one of these “songs”… right?

Really, I want to share it because, even though I know it was supposed to be part of a song with, you know, singing and stuff… just on the page, it really is just a poem by itself.

So, let’s take a look.

We're gonna burn
Love's gonna shatter
All of our ashes and hopes
Is gonna scatter

All of these pieces left of us
Are complete fragments. 

Find out what we're gonna be
Everything left is broken to me
And if we don't see,
If we don't sleep, 
If we don't breathe,
That's how you'll know 
That we're all gone. 

I'm not hoping 
For your life
I'm not waiting 
For if you might 
Take me, take me... 
Take me down 

And burn me to the ground. 

Eh, yeah, not sure how I feel about it yet. Still don’t think I wrote it, so how critical can I really be?

And, by the way, the title of it, I believe (according to the top of the lined page) is “Complete Fragements”… Yep, I even spelled it just like that, while everything else in the poem/song itself was spelled correctly.

I mean… or did I???

Let me know what you thought/think!


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