How to physically write two books at once

Hey homedogs. So, I may or may not have just started a brand new novel in the midst of crafting the middle chapters of another novel…

Oops, I did it… again.

Well, ordinarily, in the past when I’ve started a second or third or fourth or fifth or tenth book on a whim, I usually write it for two days and then hit save and quit. All the while, my main work is lingering in the background, and after those two days are over, I return to it.

Well, this time ain’t ordinary.

I started a new novel about a week ago, and I’ve been working on it just about every night since. And my other novel has officially been abandoned in the background. I don’t like that.

So, clearly, I need help finding a way to give both these novels a chance to be written… simultaneously. I mean, I only have enough physical writing time, and I need to plan how I’ll use it carefully. And, I assume, if you’re reading this, you’re in the same situation.

Thus, I’ve brainstormed and researched a couple of ways we can all go about this…

Alternate books every other day

One thing I’ve thought of doing is creating a schedule to write each book every other day, since I usually write just about every night. Schedules usually work for me… but, you know, every other day can mess with my brain. Like, each daily routine needs to be the same, and alternating just doesn’t work for me.

If you like alternative schedules, though, try this!

Write one in the morning, one at night

Or whichever times of day work for you. For me, I guess, it’d be once in the morning, before I go to bed… and then once whenever I wake up, haha. But, of course, this takes a lot more time and daily writing. Maybe I could try this over spring break or something, if I even get a spring break this year. Which I probably don’t. So, anyway, scratch this option for me.

If you’ve got time to spare and wanna get a lot of writing done daily, try this one.

Just write one at a time

If all else fails, I guess, this is what we’d be left with. However, I think it could be a good first plan of action, too, and I may even try it. Sometimes, I just get in the mood to work on that one special book, and I just can’t rest or stop thinking about it until I get around to writing and writing and writing it. Then, after it’s (finally) done, I can go back to that other book with a fresh view.

If you’ve got more passion for one book over another, try this.

Split your writing session in half

I feel like a lot of people would not recommend this. I don’t know who, since I’ve never actually heard someone specifically say “I do not recommend you write one book right after another in the same hour”, but anyway, whoever they are, screw them. We can do what we want.

So, if I have two hours set aside for writing every day, I could essentially break that time in half and give the first hour to one book and the second to the other. Sounds easy enough. I’ve never tried it, though, and I’m not sure how my brain will handle a sharp transition mid-session. But I’ll try it anyway and just see what happens.

And here’s some hints to “transition” your session…

  • Take a 5 or 10 minute break in between books. Give your mind a rest with a quick walk, or play Candy Crush or something
  • Listen to different music with each book. For example, rock with one and gospel with the other. Or, you know, whatever genres you enjoy, just make sure they’re high in contrast.
  • Re-read what you wrote the day before before you start writing that book today. That way, maybe you won’t get confused with which book is what and accidentally add a scene about zombie romance in with your other book about historic wartimes.

So, if you want a daily brain challenge and time to work on both books, literally, at the same time every day, try this with me!

And that’s all the tips I can think of…

Let me know, of course, if you do try any of these options and how it goes for you!


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