YA Lit Black Friday Deals that Are… Very Lit.

Can y’all believe it’s that time of year again?

Well, actually, I can certainly believe it, and I’m excited to do some Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday/Giving Tuesday activities! Which… can be a lot to keep track of. However, I’ve already tracked down all the big book deals you can expect to get over Black Friday this year—some even for Cyber Monday too—specifically in the realm of YA Lit.

So, let’s see what we need to put on our shopping lists, shall we?

YA Books from Amazon

I know, I know… it seems like everything is on Amazon these days. But, think of it this way: everything is on Amazon these days!

Amazon authors from traditional publishers and independent publishers alike run book sales on Amazon all year round, but there’s often a spike in book deals around Black Friday. Get started by browsing the top sellers section in YA and teen books now, and check back often before, on, and even after Black Friday to see what’s discounted.

YA Books from Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is bound to have in-store deals that vary by location, but the retailers also often shows discounts of 20-50% off or more on teen fiction reads on its website right around Black Friday and on Cyber Monday. You may also want to consider browsing through the e-books on Barnes & Noble, as these are more often published by Indie authors and small business publishers. Hey, there may even be some freebies!

YA Books from Better World Books

If you’re into sustainability, you will love browsing the YA and teen fiction side of Better World Books’s site this Black Friday. Majority of the books this retailer sells are used and would likely end up in landfills if they didn’t find their ways here. This site is also known to have buy some-get some promotions around this date, too, so be on the lookout for online promo codes on the website!

YA Books from Book Depository

Book Depository is an online store that’s doing a special “30 Days of Deals” this November. Each day, just check in to see what the latest deals are, or browse the YA lit section directly to find discounted books that fit your likes. This retailer offers worldwide free shipping, too, which is a huge bonus!

YA e-Books from Smashwords

Smashwords is an online e-book retailer that publishes and supports completely independent authors worldwide. This retailers offers frequent site-wide sales, and there are always featured YA and teen e-book deals to look through.

And, hey, I’m just going to tell you now… my books are all going to be listed as 99 cents or FREE, now through November 30th, 2021, on Smashwords! Find them all here—they are YA lit, after all, and I promise that they’re totally entertaining and wonderfully hilarious.

And also… be sure to let me know how your Black Friday book shopping goes!


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