Visiting & Reading Kari’s “Old Crap”

Remember how, when we were kids, we would write our own creative stories completely without boundaries?

Well, after we’ve (kind of) grown up, it can be quite the experience to look back on those old stories and really reflect on, you know, how humorous they really are. That’s why I created this short video series on doing just that–revisiting and re-reading my, Kari Lynn M.’s, very first written works!

So, join me, fellow readers, as we take a look back on these, to say the least, interesting reads…

Kari’s Original Picture Book: “Princess Island”

Kari’s Original Picture Book: “The Ice Cream King is Missing”

Kari’s First Teen Fiction Novella: “High School Madness” (Parts 1-6)

P.S. More stories soon to come!