BIG News!!!

Alright, so I’ve got news to share on this lovely Sunday!

As you all probably don’t know, I’ve been working a long, hard time on my latest story, Cartoon. It’s my first actual full-length novel, and I’m super excited to announce that… I officially published it today!

It was a long process getting it up, so I’m a little tired now and won’t say much here about it. However, I will say that you can download it as an ebook on a number of retailer sites, including the popular Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon. It may take a few days or so for it to be up on every site, but you can search for it under:

Title: ‘Cartoon’

Author: ‘Kari Lynn M.’

Or ISBN:9781370287444

Also, if you prefer to download it through Smashwords, here’s the link for that:

Again, it may take a few days to show up on some ebook retailer sites, but it’ll get there eventually. You can always download it as an ebook file directly from Smashwords.

Oh, and did I mention… it’s completely for FREE???

Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m great. So, get your ebook copy today!

I’ll add all of this information to my new ‘my works’ page soon for future reference.

Give it a read and let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “BIG News!!!

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