The March Madness Post!

Okay, now everyone is probably split 50/50 on this post already. Either you are super excited to rave about the NCAA tournament and pumped over the fact that I am, too… or you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about and assume that I’m practicing one of my many known foreign languages on you. If the first category is you, awesome… but, if you’re leaning towards the second option, don’t freak out. This post will be reader friendly to you, too.

So, before we dive too deep into all of this… let me give a simple explanation of what’s going on to all of y’all that feel completely lost right now. Feel free to skip ahead of you’re… well, way ahead of me already!

March Madness is a hugely popular men’s college basketball tournament that takes place every year in… get this, March. Now, I know a lot of you are probably thinking ‘um, Kari, I hate sports’, and that’s okay, because honestly, I do, too! I hate playing and/or watching sports of any kind… unless it happens to be a Green Bay Packers football game or… well, March Madness.

Simply put, 68 basketball teams will enter the tournament and battle each other in an organized fashion until, surprise, one team is left as the winner. The whole reason it’s a super big deal, then, is because, quite a long time ago, someone came up with the idea to create a ‘bracket’ of the teams’ battles and write down his/her own predictions on who would win each game. Now, everyone in America basically fills out their own bracket and enters their picks in competitions and bets to see who has the most psychic abilities, or something like that.

Anyway, as you could probably guess, I, too, participate in this culture phenomenon each year. Mostly because of my family’s influence, but also because… actually, no, just because of that, haha.

So, I just wanted to share a few of the picks I had made.

First and foremost, my prediction for the champion team is… Arizona! I don’t know why I picked that team; I don’t really know why I pick any of the teams that I do… I just do. Anyway, I picked Arizona to win before I even knew that the championship game is set to be played in Arizona… so maybe that’s a sign? Fingers crossed!

Secondly, I chose Arizona to play against… UNC/ University of North Carolina! Again, who knows why…

Third… Baylor and Louisville are my picks to lose in the final four.

And, other than that… it doesn’t really matter as much.

I have entered a small competition with a number of other people and have placed a bet on my bracket… so wish me luck! Nobody else I’m up against really picked Arizona to win, so maybe I’ll actually win some money this year if they go all the way. I’ve gotten pretty close to winning competitions in the past… but I never actually have.

I have a feeling about this year, though!

(I say that every year…)

Anyway, right now I’ve got 2/3 picks confirmed as correct… and the current games being played are looking in my favor; WVU is ahead of Bucknell, Northwestern is ahead of Vanderbilt, Florida is ahead of ETSU. Let’s keep things looking good for me, right?

I’ll keep everyone updated on how I do through the next few weeks.

Let me know what your picks are! Or… if you finally learned what March Madness is all about today!


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