A Random Poem I Randomly Wrote

Okay, so I usually don’t just sit and write poems… well, I do write lyrics all the time, but that’s different to me… So, randomly, I just opened my blog writer today and then, somehow, this happened. I apologize for the obsessive rhyming scemes… it probably doesn’t annoy you, but it does me; I’m one of those people who literally can’t write poetry or songs without rhyming and I’m secretly jealous of anyone who can and it drives me crazy sometimes.

Anyway, enjoy my little random poem… it turned out way better than I had expected, haha.

And let’s call it…

Like They Used To

Okay, here goes!

He used to love the way she spoke

When she told him the things he didn’t know

He used to keep her up at night

Telling her his dreams and things of hers he liked

He used to hold her close and say,

‘You know I won’t ever let you run away’.

She used to hope for herself a better life

And then he came to her and made it right

She used to tell him jokes; she made him laugh

But then she said something she could not take back

She used to love him more each day

But now she’s got that one night on replay

They used to make so many plans

Until she met another man

They used to always pray things through

Until she finally said the truth

They used to hug and kiss each other

They used to be each other’s only lover

They used to try to play the game

Until the day she ran away

Let me know what you think and link me to some other great poetry for future inspiration! ♡

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