“It’s about time she died anyway…”

Hey y’all! Today, I took on a fun little writing prompt. I did a random dialogue prompt generator online, and I went through a few different ides, but one caught my attention.

“It’s about time she died anyway…”

Like, oh boy, haha. It made me laugh a little; I’m not sure why… but it did. Anyway, I decided to take it as a challenge and wrote a real quick and short short story with the prompt.

So… here it is!

Title: “It’s about time she died anyway…”

“It’s about time she died anyway…”

Diana looked up from the letter-cluttered countertop, and then squinted at the back of his head.

“But she… she was only thirty years old,” she mumbled back.

Jerry spun around and slid his hands behind his back.

“Thirty years too old,” he declared.

Diana lowered her eyes once more, and then fell silent.

“Besides,” he went on, now taking a step towards the kitchen bar that separated the two. “Nobody lives forever.” He paused and took another step towards Diana. “We were just… speeding up the process for her.”

You were,” Diana corrected, now glancing upwards again.

Jerry finished his approach to the counter and took a long moment before responding to her.

“Now, Di,” he said. “You know you’re just as guilty as anybody.”

How?” she questioned, her voice jerking out of its soft state for a second.

Jerry smiled at her and placed both of his hands atop the counter in front of himself.

“Honey,” he began, again. “You know you were the one that made us all dinner… and you were the one who invited her over… and you were the one who said she needed to-”

“But I wasn’t the one who-” Diana suddenly shouted out, cutting his words short, although he chopped hers off just as quickly.

“You made me do this!” he boomed.

Diana bit her bottom lip and fell to silence.

“God!” he yelled, now reaching out to snatch an empty, plain white coffee mug from the counter. He then turned to the side, pulled the cup back by his ear, and flung it forwards.

It collided with the wall beside them and shattered instantly.

He twisted back to Diana.

“You remember what I told you, don’t you?” he grumbled.

“Yes,” Diana replied, her voice tuning down to a whisper once more. “But…”

“But what?” Jerry spat.

She paused before continuing.

“But… But things are different now…”

“Why?” he snapped back. “Because we have a little more money now? Because we have a little bit bigger house now? Because Ethan…” he stopped, and then abruptly started to stutter. “B-Because E… Ethan…”

“Don’t bring Ethan into this,” Diana growled, lowering her eyes to the top of the bar again.

Jerry cleared his throat and pushed the subject even further.

“Well, why not, huh?”

He waited for her to respond, but, when she didn’t, he continued.

“It’s always all about what I’ve done, isn’t it? We never mention what Diana does, do we? We don’t talk about your mistakes, D-”

“Just drop it,” Diana ordered.

“We don’t talk about Eth… o-our son, do we, Di? We don’t talk abou-”

“I said drop it!” Diana screamed.

You did it, Di!”

She looked up at him with teary eyes and yelled back.


“You, Di! You!”

Diana stepped back from the counter and threw her hands over her face.

“It was… It was… an… an accident,” she cried out.

“Yeah,” Jerry responded, his voice much lower, now. “You keep telling yourself that.”

They both fell quiet for a long moment as she wiped her eyes and took a deep breath.

“We can’t keep doing this,” she muttered.

“Watch us,” he shot back.

She glanced up at him but didn’t reply.

He started to step around the counter and paced towards her side.

“We’ve done it for ten years, and we can do it for at least twenty more,” he said, now reaching his hands out to touch her shoulders.

She took another breath and looked up at him.

“Can’t we?” he questioned.

She nodded.

He smiled, and then finished his speech.

“Just watch us.”

A short little scene that leaves you sort of hanging’, I know. Oops.

Well… maybe I’ll revisit with Diana and Jerry some other time with another scene, who knows.

Until then, though, let me know what you think and what kind of writing prompts you’ve been up to taking on!


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