“It’s about time she died anyway…” PART 2!

Hey y’all!

I know… I missed a day of blog posting. Oh, well, I’m back!

And today I revisited one of the mini stories that I spontaneously started here a while ago… “It’s about time she died anyway…”, a scene inspired by a random writing prompt that I randomly found in a random writing prompts book!

So… I said maybe we’d come back to see what else Jerry and Diana were up to… and, well, here we are!

Anyway, here’s a continuation of “It’s about time she died anyway…”

“It’s too bad, isn’t it?” Jerry commented.

Diana followed his gaze down to the giant hole he had created in the dirt set before them. And, at the very bottom of the pit, she could faintly see the outline of a woman’s body through the dark night air that surrounded them.

“Oh, well,” Jerry went on, now bending over to snatch a shovel from the grass nearby. “She had it coming…”

“I suppose…” Diana mumbled.

“Now, go clean the dining room before the blood sets,” Jerry ordered.

Diana stood silently for a moment, and then turned around to make her way back into the house. She slipped past the back door, walked through the hall, and turned to step into the dining and kitchen area. She made her way up to the kitchen sink, grabbed the bucket and yellow sponge from the counter beside her, and filled the container with soapy hot water. After that, she took it over to the dining room table, set it down, and soaked the sponge generously.

She looked over at the blood-splatted wall to her left and sighed. She stepped up to it, knelt down, and began to scrub it.

At the same time, though, memories of Ethan flooded her mind.

And she couldn’t stop them.


“Ma, can I go swimming?”

Diana tapped her nails on the side of the empty bottle that sat in front of her.

“Not today, sweetie,” she said.

“But, ma-“

“What did I just say, Ethan?” Diana grumbled.

She turned to the right to see him standing right next to the kitchen counter, his hands clasped together behind his back.

“I just wanted to-“

“No,” Diana spat out, turning back to the tabletop.

“You never let me do anything fun!” Ethan shouted out.

Diana glanced over at him once more.

“Oh, really?” she asked.

Ethan threw his hands out to his sides in clenched fists.

“Never!” he yelled.

“You want fun?” Diana questioned, squinting her eyes at him. “I’ll show you fun…”


Diana threw the sponge onto the floor and rubbed her temples.


“Now, isn’t this a fun game?” she questioned.

She spun the cylinder on the revolver in her hands, and then clicked it into place.

“I don’t want to do it,” Ethan protested.


“Oh, God,” Diana muttered.


“Why not?” she leaned forward to ask him. “Are you scared?”

Ethan sat still, across the table from her, and didn’t respond.

“I didn’t think I raised you like that…” she went on. “I’ll go first, then…”

She picked up the gun and held it against the side of her head.

She pulled the trigger.


“God, why?” she screamed out.


She let out a loud, uncontainable laugh.

“You see?” she chuckled out, now starting to catch her breath. “Now, now… your turn…”

She pointed the gun at the boy sitting across the table, a trace of a giggle still resting in her cheeks.

She pulled the trigger once more.

And then her smile faded into a choking cough.

“Oh,” she sputtered out. “Oh, God!”


“Arg!” Diana shrieked, spinning around and throwing the filled bucket to the floor below. She yelled in frustration, again, and then continued to throw the dining table in front of her onto its side.

It fell against a cabinet against the side wall, causing it to also topple over, and every glass and ceramic decoration displayed in it crashed to floor at the same time.

“Oh, God, why?” she repeated, now observing the damage she had delivered to the entire dining area. She shook her head, and then continued to mumble to herself. “Where is it?”

She rushed into the kitchen and sifted through a pile of papers on one of the countertops. After that, she both opened and looked in every single drawer and cabinet around.

“Where is it?” she reiterated, now hurrying into the hallway.

She turned into the doorway of the master bedroom and looked it over.

And then she saw a silver pistol resting on the foot of the queen-sized bed ahead of her.

She immediately ran into the room, snatched the gun up in her hands, and turned back into the hall. Afterwards, she proceeded to go back outside, where Jerry was still shoveling soil over the hole in the yard that he had made.

“You!” Diana shouted, stopping herself a few feet behind his back.

He froze and looked at her from over his shoulder.

“I know…” Diana went on, now raising the pistol up from her chest. “I know youyou killed him… You killed Ethan!”


It’s a cliff hanger, I know, I know… oopsie!

Well, expect more to come soon, then, because I can’t leave everyone hanging with this one. Maybe even as soon as… tomorrow?

Well, let me know what you think is gonna happen next… because I have yet to write the rest and I don’t even know what’s gonna happen, haha.

Until then, though!


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