So, last night…

…I had this dream. And, as with every dream I have, it was weird.

So, basically, I had a dream that this bear kidnapped me. Like, one of those big brown ones.

Anyway, it started out with my dad and I in the woods. Well… more like at the edge of a forest, really, but that doesn’t matter. And then this bear came along… and we were like ‘um, what do we do?’ And the bear got closer and closer, so we started to walk away from it really slowly. Well, tried to, at least.

Then, of course, the bear walked up to me and pushed me down on the ground. And then I got kind of mad and yelled at it… well, because it pushed me down. That’s rude.

But then the bear, like, grabbed at the sleeve of my sweatshirt and helped me back up. Which was… a little better, I suppose.

Either way, after that, it kind of threw me onto its back and I ended up sitting up on it like a horse or something. And then it trotted away… and my dad didn’t do anything. Whatever, though.

The bear took me into the middle of the woods, right in the middle of this… circle of treehouse cabins. They were big, too, just so you know… not like a little kid’s one in the backyard or anything. And then the bear let me off and I tried to go into one… but it was locked, of course. I knocked, too, after that… but, of course, no one came out.

I tried that with all of the houses, but nothing happened. And then I remember I got kind of mad again because I really wanted to take a shower. But, again, whatever.

Then the bear layed down in the middle of the cabin circle-thing and rolled over and started looking really sad. And I felt bad, so I sat down next to it and started petting it. And I even asked it, ‘awe, what’s wrong?’ or something like that. And then it got up, threw me on its back, again, and took me through all these trees and over a river and everything… until we got to this old, beat-up shack in the middle of nowhere. And we went inside… and it looked awful in there.

There were holes in the ceiling and everything smelled and all the paint and wallpaper on the walls was chipping away.

So, then, I looked at the bear, and I said, ‘I know why you brought me here. You need to be your interior decorator, don’t you?’

And the bear didn’t really respond or anything, but I assumed that that was why I had been kidnapped. The bear obviously needed designing assistance.

So, I ended up spending the whole day fixing up and redecorating the whole little shack. It was only two bedrooms and a hallway between them, though. And there wasn’t a bathroom or kitchen or anything, either. Just two bedrooms- that was it.

I managed to make the place look pretty cute, though, I think. I have no idea how, exactly, but I did. And then, after it was all done, I fell asleep… outside. Who knows why, but that’s just what happened.

And the bear cuddled up with me while I was sleeping in the cold dirt outside! How cute, right?

Anyway, the next morning, right after I woke up, the bear took me back to where it had gotten me from. And then I hugged it goodbye. And it was an emotional moment.

And… that was it.

So, that was my dream about being kidnapped by a brown bear to become its personal decorator!

…Any weird dreams you’ve been having lately?

-iKari 😴

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