Another random poem

Last night, I was at it again.

Here’s another random poem I randomly wrote for no reason!

Of everything you took
One thing I never understood
Every word you gave
I simply couldn’t take

One time I had a thought
We were a never ending plot
But then something had to change
I was forced to give to fate

I never quite knew why
Until I turned back time
People can be stuck on their own
Even if they aren’t alone

Now I’ve finally woken up to see
Just how unhappy you made me
So now I’ll try to start anew
A life I’ll live without you

But of all the things I’ve think I’ve said
Your name can never leave my head
And if I turn the page to the next
I’ll see your words there yet again

And there it is. I’m pretty proud of this one… I’ve been trying my hand at poetry more than I usually do lately (which, usually, is actually never…), and I think I’m getting a better grasp on it now.

Let me know what you think, though!


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