Call me crazy, BUT… 


…Not, like, in an obsessive or weird way, though; just in general. 

But here’s why! 

…They bring good luck? 

I say that with a question because I don’t exactly have huge proof or anything, but I just have that feeling that it’s true. And, yes, I give you all permission to give your computer screens a weird look for saying that… but, I’ve just got that feeling. 

Also… they’re kind of cute. 

I mean, look at this guy! 

What a cutie! ♡

(And I just know everyone’s laughing at me now.) 

Plus… I don’t like killing bugs. Yes, I’m one of those people. Roll your eyes, I don’t care. Ending little lives feels wrong, especially if they’ve done nothing to harm you personally. (If a bee or wasp has stung you, though, go on in for self defense.) 

And also… spiders make great company. I mean, you can sit and tell them your problems all the live long day, and they’ll stick around to listen! 

And conclusively… haven’t you ever seen/read Charlotte’s Web?

I cry every time. 

And… that is all. 

So, next time you encounter an eight legged crawler… say hello; you might just make a new friend. 

-iKari dares you to disagree 🕷

9 thoughts on “Call me crazy, BUT… 

  1. I like spiders. 🙂 I mean, I don’t find them cute in the same way I do with cats (they’re in totally different leagues!), but there’s something fascinating about them when they spin a web and and climb the wall with it. Especially the daddy long-legs spider, those legs are long! 😆

    I try not to squish them, especially those ants running along the curb outside, unless they’re causing trouble of some sort like mosquitoes (they love me somehow…) and cockroaches (hate those!). So no, you’re not crazy, Kari. 😀

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    1. Yes, they are cute!! And I forgot to add the web making part to the list… because of course nobody can just spin a web out of thin air like spiders can! And I have a friend who is actually terrified of cockroaches, haha. Mosquitoes, though… those bugs better watch out. Glad to know I’m not crazy, though, thanks!

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      1. I hate cockroaches; not because they’re scary, but because they’re dirty. And mosquitoes too; I’m always the only one getting bitten in a group, so I don’t like them either. 😅

        I’ve seen people have pet spiders (the big hairy ones), so you’re definitely not crazy. 😛

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      2. Haha, you must have a certain type of blood or something, I’ve heard there’s something in some people’s blood that makes them more susceptible to mosquito bites. Also, my brother had a friend in college that had a pet tarantula, so yeah, I can’t be the only one, haha.

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      3. Yeah, O blood type attracts mosquitoes. I can’t exactly change my blood type, so I guess I’m stuck with them. 😅
        Tarantula spiders are kind of cute in a way, just not in the same league as cats in my eyes. 😆

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