A poem preview…

Hey y’all, remember when I started that poetry book on Wattpad and promised to post occasional special sneak peaks of some of my work here?

Well, today’s one of those days.

Here’s a cute little poem I like to call “Main and Eighth”, being published in Holding onto Stars tomorrow!

I sat down yesterday
At the corner of Main and Eighth
Took a sip of my chai latte
And thought of what to say

I glanced right across the street
To the little record shop there
And to the one I’d like to meet
And her beautiful long brown hair

But how could I ever tell her?

Just then, the old store manager comes up to me
She asks, ‘what is it you see, sir?’
I pause and say, ‘what I wish my world could be’

The woman smiled and then said,
‘You had better go talk to her, then’
I looked at my coffee and took another sip
‘But I don’t know if I can do it’

She claimed, ‘You’ll be fine
In the end, it’s worth the while’

She patted my back and then turned away
As I told myself to stop the wait

I made my way across the road
And up to the girl I would one day hold

I tapped her gently on the shoulder
Opened my mouth and decided to ask her
The words that first started our lives together

Hope you liked it; let me know what you thought!


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