Coke or Pepsi???

Let’s have some fun today!

So… anybody ever seen or played around with these books before?


Well… I haven’t either, I’ll admit that, but they were all the rage when I was probably around middle school age and I always wanted one of the books for myself.

…I never got it, though.

Anyway, here we are today with the access of the wonderful world wide web at our fingertips, so who needs books, right?

I’m just joking, please don’t hurt me.

But, for real, for the sake of today, I’m going to gather some questions from online and we’re going to play the classic ‘this or that’ kind of game.

So… here we go! (Feel free to play along with me via the comments!)

  1. Coffee or tea? Tea! Especially chai. Yesss ❤
  2. Black and white or color? Color.
  3. Drawings or paintings? Paintings all the way, but just because I like painting personally and… they have more color than drawings, too, just to go along with #2.
  4. Dresses or skirts? Skirts, I suppose. You just have more outfit choices that way, you know?
  5. Books or movies? …Movies. Even if I am an author myself, I’m sorry, but… yeah, movies.
  6. Chinese or Italian? Italian! Because I actually speak the language, haha.
  7. Early bird or night owl? Night owl, for sure.
  8. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla.
  9. Introvert or extrovert? Intro. 
  10. Hugs or kisses? Depends on who’s giving ’em, haha.
  11. Hunting or fishing? Fishing, I guess. I’ve never been hunting and there’s a lot of fishermen kind of people in my family. 
  12. Winter or summer? Winter ❤
  13. Spring or fall? Spring, BECAUSE spring slowly warms everything up… and fall slowly cools everything down, which is kind of depressing to me, even if I really do like winter. I guess I’d rather it just be straight from summer to winter and skip the fluff in-between, haha. But don’t skip spring… because it’s always nice weather (at least where I live) in spring and it’s just… so nice, haha. 
  14. Rural or urban? Rural… because I’ve (surprise!) never lived in the city in my lifetime and I’ve grown to be a country girl. 
  15. PC or Mac? Mac.
  16. Tan or pale? Weird question… but pale, I guess, since that’s pretty much what I am most of the time, haha. 
  17. Cake or pie? Cake! But I love pie, too. Especially sugar cream… mmm, yes!
  18. Ice cream or yogurt? I scream for ice cream! Though I do like yogurt, too.
  19. Ketchup or mustard? Mustard- gross. Ketchup all the way.
  20. Sweet pickles or dill pickles? Ick, neither. I hate pickles. 
  21. Comedy or mystery? Comedy!
  22. Boots or sandals? Um… really just depends on the weather. 
  23. Silver or gold? Silver.
  24. Jazz or classical? Jazz.
  25. Dancing or singing? Singing!
  26. Checkers or chess? Checkers, haha. Never played chess nor do I have the desire to.
  27. Board games or video games? Um… both, but if I had to pick a favorite… video games, yeah.
  28. Wine or beer? Neither. 
  29. Freckles or dimples? Dimples- so cute!
  30. Honey mustard or BBQ sauce? Again- mustard: gross. BBQ sauce fo’ sho’!
  31. Body weight exercises or lifting weights? Uh… not even sure what body weight exercises are, so lifting weights. 
  32. Baseball or basketball? Basketball… baseball is kind of boring to me, sorry. 
  33. Crossword puzzles or sudokus? Oh, sudoku! I haven’t done any in a long time but I used to do them every day and I rocked them, haha. 
  34. Facial hair or clean shaven? Just a lil’ beard. 
  35. Crushed ice or cubed ice? Cubed. 
  36. Skiing or snowboarding? Never done either, but I’ve always wanted to try snowboarding. 
  37. Smile or game face? Smile!
  38. Bracelet or necklace? Bracelet.
  39. Fruit or vegetables? Fruit, definitely.
  40. Sausage or bacon? Bacon.
  41. Scrambled or fried? Fried!
  42. Dark chocolate or white chocolate? White chocolate… dark is too bitter for me. 
  43. Tattoos or piercings? Hm… tattoos.
  44. Antique or brand new? New. 
  45. Dress up or dress down? Dress down, haha. Gotta be comfy. 
  46. Cowboys or aliens? Aliens!
  47. Cats or dogs? Dogs. I like cats, too, though, but… my bestie is a dog. Also… Snoop Dogg, haha. 
  48. Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes. 
  49. Bond or Bourne? Bond, definitely. Especially Pierce Brosnan, my fave Bond… yes!
  50. And… coke or Pepsi? Pepsi.

So, there’s my fun for the day. It’s always nice to have a post like this every once in a while just to kick back and chill.

I promise I’ll have some poems and writing posts on the way pretty soon, too, though!

Until then, though, comment with some of your own answers or your thoughts on mine!

-iKari or -iKariLynn? 


5 thoughts on “Coke or Pepsi???

  1. Haha, I never thought such a book exists! This kind of game wasn’t the rage when I was in school though. 😅
    I like your answers, an it was fun learning more about you. I’ll play too, though only for the first 15 questions because 50 is a lot. 😆

    1. Coffee or tea? Tea, but ever since my Chinese doctor forbade me to drink tea, I’m learning to enjoy coffee too! My recent favourite is a caramel macchiato. ☕️
    2. Black and white or color? Definitely colour! 🎨
    3. Drawings or paintings? Paintings because of the colours, though sadly I can only draw and not paint. ✏️
    4. Dresses or skirts? Honestly I prefer leggings, but if I have to choose I’d say skirt, because it’s easier to mix and match. 👚
    5. Books or movies? Definitely books! Movies are nice and all, but I prefer books because I can read at my own speed (movies are a bit slow for me) and I can start / stop anytime rather than dedicating my whole 2 hours in one go. 📚
    6. Chinese or Italian? Chinese, only because I can speak 1.5 dialects. 😛
    7. Early bird or night owl? Somewhere in between; I can’t stay up late but I can’t wake up at dawn either. 😅
    8. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla, especially with chocolate syrup. Wait, are we talking about ice cream? 🍦
    9. Introvert or extrovert? 80% introvert. 😆
    10. Hugs or kisses? Hugs, but only from really close loved ones. ❤️
    11. Hunting or fishing? Neither. 😅
    12. Winter or summer? Not sure, since I live in a tropical country with only sun or rain. 🌦
    13. Spring or fall? Not sure, since I live in a tropical country with only sun or rain. 🌦
    14. Rural or urban? Urban, though personally I’d like to stay somewhere in between. 😅
    15. PC or Mac? PC all the way! 💻

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    1. Awe, thanks so much for playing along! I loved reading your answers! I think we’re a lot more similar than we think, haha. And you’ve been forbidden to drink tea?!?! How dare that doctor take tea away from you, haha. I’ve also never been to a tropical place like that, sadly, but… maybe next vacation will be a visit to one! I’m just so used to semi-hot summers and snowy blizzard winters that sometimes I forget not every place on Earth is like this, haha.

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      1. Glad you loved reading my answers! It’s interesting to find someone similar to me across the Internet. 😛

        It’s not so bad not having to drink tea; I think it’s black and green tea that aren’t good for me, so I drink herbal ones like peppermint and camomile. 🍵

        Haha, no worries, just think of tropical places as places with alternating summer and rainy seasons! I’d like to visit a place with four seasons one day, but maybe not during winter, I can’t stand the cold. 😅

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