Oh no…

Okay, so I’ve got to talk about this with someone today… and who better to discuss with than wonderful world wide web?

So, I got this oddly random burst of inspiration last night… and no idea where it came from or why. Here’s the… thing, I guess, though. This inspiration wasn’t pushing itself towards any of the current stories I’ve been writing and slaving away with… oh no, no, no, it was for another new story.

I mean, I know I should be happy and content with getting any form of inspiration at all, but… I can’t lie- I’m kind of annoyed with this. Because… I finally resolved my recent struggles with writing my main current story (burn out, remember?), and now, only a week or so later, this stupid push of inspo. throws itself at me and really tempts me to take my time away from that story once again! Truly annoying, honestly.

And so now I’m just kind of sitting here… staring at my main story’s word document again, not actually writing a darn thing because my mind is all up and off in whatever land dreaming of this big new and different story.

Seriously, though, why does my brain have to do this to me?

So… I’m at a crossroads, not sure what to do. I’m really very tempted to open a new word doc. and start right into this new exciting story all up in my head because I’ve honestly never had inspiration this strong and forceful in me before… but I’m also wanting to resist the urge and focus on my current story because I’m almost exactly halfway done with the first draft and I’m just as excited to move forwards with finishing it as I am with starting something new. And I’m not gonna do that back and forth thing and try to tackle both at the same time… because I’ve learned my lesson there before and already know my progress on each of them will get crippled to the max if I go that route.

So… again, I’m at a crossroads.

I mean, I’m really leaning more towards finishing my current story first before I try to start up something new, but… I gotta tell ya, I’ve never had this kind of inspiration before. It’s like… whenever I do try writing something different, the idea of this certain story just comes creeping right back up again. It’s really hard to ignore.

Still, though, ignoring it seems like the best option right now. At least… ignoring it until I can’t take it anymore. And who knows how long that’ll take.

But, at the same time… I feel like ignoring it gives it more time to cultivate and really become something before I start putting it down on paper and in words. Which is a good thing. I mean… if that makes any sense.

Anyway, though, I just wanted to share what’s been on my mind today with y’all. Please, please, please give me any advice you may have concerning this… matter, I guess, and if you’ve been in a similar situation before.

I need your help!


3 thoughts on “Oh no…

  1. Yep, I’ve been there! When I get a burst of inspiration and my hand itches to write it, I usually dedicate some time (maybe a few days?) to write that inspiration down until it goes off, then I go back to my current story. Granted, my bursts of inspiration are usually short, not sure about yours. 😆

    My reasoning is this: if I don’t give the inspiration a chance and try to make myself ignore it while I focus on my current story, it’s going to be like having a persistent 5-year-old at my side asking “Why? Why? Whyyyyy?” It detracts me from my current story anyway, and whatever I write doesn’t turn out well. Plus I rarely get inspiration bursts where I can write at the speed of light!

    That’s my 2 cents. 😀

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    1. Ohhhh yeah, an annoying 5 year is the perfect analogy. My bursts can last a while thouhh, so I’m really not sure I wanna spend extra time on the new story. I am, however, thinking of maybe writing down a plot diagram (which I actually never do but feel sometimes like I should) for it, so at least some of my ideas are out there, and then maybe it’ll die down enough for me to finish my current work. So… maybe I should take the inspo. and run with it that way, so at least I’m getting something out of it. Thanks for advice! ♡

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