Going under the scissors…

All my fellow ladies with long locks out there know as well as I do that cutting your hair can be a really, really BIG deal. Even if it’s just a few inches/centimeters… it’s still a whole thing.

However, I myself underwent major “hair constructive surgery” (I literally just made that term up) yesterday! And I chopped off a grand total of… 13 INCHES!!!

Ah! So much, I know… but, my hair grows about a third to 2x faster than average human hair (don’t ask me how; it just does), and I hadn’t had a cut in almost a whole year, and my hair was already pretty lengthy to begin with.

And, since I had waited so long and had allowed my luxurious locks to grow well past the middle of my back… I decided go big or go home, got the shortest hairstyle I’ve had since I was probably 4 years old, and kept the remnants to donate to a charity making wigs for cancer patients!

And I feel pretty darn awesome about it.

So… I know I’ve never posted any pictures of myself on here before… but, you know what? I just gotta share this new hair.

So, here’s a quick ‘before’ (and you can’t even see how long my hair actually was because… it was that long.)…


So long, haha.

Now, here’s the ‘afters’…


(and here’s how much was actually chopped…)PicsArt_08-02-04.13.28

So, now you actually got to see the face behind this blog along with my magnificent new ‘do! And I know it might not actually be all that short… but, to me, it is. Like I said, I’ve had it long pretty much my whole life… so it’s just a big deal, you know?

(And it also makes my baby face a little less noticeable… because I know I definitely do not look my age ((and I ain’t tellin’ it!)) but I’ve been told shorter hair makes me look a lot more… well, that age.)

I’ve also read that cutting your hair be a symbolic transition in your life and… well, I’m not sure if that applies to me right now, but maybe it does, and I’m cool with rolling with that.

Anyway, let me know if you’ve had a major hair chopping recently or… just anything else about hair in general, I guess!

-iKari 💇

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