Poem preview: To save her

I haven’t posted a poem in a while, so… here’s one today!

Also, I wanted to post a little earlier this morning… but, of course, my internet was all whacked out and I couldn’t get around to posting until now.

Still, though… this one’s called “To save her”, and I’ll be posting it in Holding onto Stars tomorrow via Wattpad! I like it quite a bit, too, because it’s got this… like, special point of view to it. Not dure how else to explain it, so just have a read for yourself!

To save her

“Save me

from the darkness of my heart.

Save me

from the pressure of my mind.

Save me

before the last time.

“I can’t say aloud

the things that I feel now.

But I still want a chance

to hold love with my hands.

And I’d like to take

the hope left in my brain

and try to breathe again.


there’s not much I have left


there’s not much more ahead


unless someone will save me,”

she had said before.

And then I met her.

So, that’s it! Let me know what you think/thought!


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