Okay, so here’s a little something that’s been on my mind lately.

Should I maybe start vlogging…???

I mean, it just came to me as a random idea about a week or so ago, and now I keep finding myself thinking about it every time I come back to this blog.

But, I do mean vlogging as in… just posting short videos to this here blog I got goin’ every once in a while. Nothing too lengthy or time-demanding or anything. Just laid back stuff.

But then I have to ask… what kind of laid back stuff?

Like, I do have a few ideas for some of the vlogs I think I could do. One thought is just doing a quick video of me maybe doing some poetry readings, either of my own work or of others’ that I really like. That would be pretty fast and easy, which is the kind of stuff I feel up to doing.

Secondly… well, I can’t really come up with another idea. Yeah, I know, I lied… I have just one idea, and that was it.

Also, I actually have no idea how to really work a camera, nor do I even have one, so, if I were to start vlogs, they’d just be recorded with my webcam and might be pretty low-quality. I mean… better quality than stuff of the 80s, I guess, but not HD video or anything. So… I mean, I hope that wouldn’t bug anyone too much… I can edit and stuff pretty well, though, so maybe that’d make up for it!

Again, though… material-wise, I’m kind of clueless.

I mean… y’all probably don’t want me posting a ten minute video of me sitting on the couch mumbling ‘um’ instead of an actual blog post, right?

So… that’s where you all come in! 

I need ideas (obviously), and it would really, really help me out if any and all of you could post some vlog ideas in the comments! Because… right now poetry readings is all I got.

So… I’m still not 100% sure I want to start vlogging. And, if I do, I’ll just tell you right now that I won’t be consistently posting them. I know myself too well, and I know for a fact that it won’t be happening all that often, haha. Still, though… some are better than none, right?

So… again, help sell me on the vlogging idea and hand me your thoughts as to what materials I could cover in the future! Specifically writing-related things, too… but any and all other ideas I’d be open to hearing as well!

Help me out, homedogs!


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