Cleaning up around here

So, I just cleaned up and reorganized my website/ entire blog and… I gotta say, I feel almost rejuvenated.

Oh, and also kind of like…


Yeah, I’m pretty much a neat freak, and I was feeling like my blog was getting kind of dusty and dirty. It’s just like cleaning a toilet… all your crap goes into it and you gotta bleach it every once in a while.

Okay… maybe not.

But still, you have to clean up and reorganize your site every so often. Or, at least, that’s how I feel.

So, I made some changes around here to keep things fresh and new and everything, and I also got a chance to dissect how things have been going for the past… few… actually, a nearly official six months now. I started this blog up back in March… and it’s almost September already! Really, that’s crazy.

But I was sure to take a mental count of how many posts I have been posting under each one of my categories/tags and how often. And also how each type of post does overall. Like, how many people like/comment on it versus how many react to other types of posts. And here’s what I feel like I can conclude…

  • Many, many people react positively to my own poem and short story posts. A lot more than any other type of post, in fact.
  • In second place in terms of attention comes the writing discussions and advice posts.
  • In last place, though, comes my “So, one time…” stories, which I haven’t posted on in a while anyway… but still, they haven’t seemed to do so well.

So, I guess, here’s what I plan to do about all that now…

  • I’m going to continue to post my own poems here before I publish them over on Wattpad, and I also really want to start doing some more short story series. I’ll admit I kind of forgot about them for a while… but I think that now would be a good time for me to write them out and possibly get them posted on some sort of schedule or something. I don’t know what, but maybe something like ‘every Monday will be the next part of something’ or ‘I’ll only post short story parts for the last week of September’ or something like that. Let me know what you about that, too.
  • I haven’t been doing as many writing discussions/ advice posts that I did in the beginning… and I know they’re really essential to my blog, but I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to get them out after a while. I mean, those are kind of harder for me to do because the topics for each post are really hard to come up with, and there’s only so many writing topics you can cover before you really start to run out of ideas. So… my mind still isn’t made up about how often you all can expect those from me, but I’m still very much going to try to post them as often as I can.
  • As for my “So, one time…” stories… don’t worry, they still exist and I won’t delete them. They’re over on a new page called Dead Tags, a place where all my old and virtually extinct posts will eventually end up going. I won’t, however, be posting any more of those… unless something great happens to me and I just absolutely have to revive the tag, like I find out I actually have amnesia and have forgotten the first ten years of my life and then wake up one morning remembering every little thing that happened to me as a kid all the way up to my middle school years. Or maybe if I just wake up feeling like bringing the old “one time” stories back, either way.

Also, I’d like to mention that my very first vlog has gained quite some attention, probably just about as much as my top poem and short story posts! And so, as a result… I have started up a new tag page just for vlogs and would like to announce that I do indeed plan on doing quite a few more of those in the near future!


Well, I also redecorated my front page a bit, but other than that, that’s pretty much it.

And now I just feel like…


So, that was all for today’s post. If you skimmed it or didn’t even really read it at all… that’s fine, really, it was kind of just a post that I wrote more for what was on my mind than anything.

Still, though, I wanted to share some updates about my site and keep y’all in the loop!

So… let me know what your thoughts are on some of my changes, what you’re looking forward to, if there’s anything else you feel needs to be adjusted… or how that old blind parrot of yours is doing.



4 thoughts on “Cleaning up around here

  1. Interesting to hear you started your blog around the same time I did! I started mine in mid-Feb; time really flies. 😀

    I think it’s great that you did some spring cleaning on your blog; I’m sure it feels refreshing like a real spring cleaning. I usually do a little at a time (like category renaming, tag reassigning, etc). 🙂

    Though to tell you the truth I can’t really tell the blog changes, because I usually read from my WordPress reader which only displays the post text. Oops. 😅

    Enjoy your digital bath. 😆🛁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, time goes WAY too fast! The cleaning was very, VERY refreshing, haha. I’m a neat freak, though, I gotta say, so it felt really needed for me. And I do the same usually on the reader, haha. And sure will! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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