Teardrops on a pillowcase

Hey y’all, I’m back with another poem preview!

And this one is one of my favorites so far…

It’s called “Teardrops on a pillowcase”.

Teardrops on a pillowcase

All troubles life had made

Reflected there upon her face

Concealed deep inside her eyes

Was a world of wonder wanting to hide

Cased inside her many thoughts

Were memories she wished she’d lost

And secrets kept in her heart

Stopped her mind from going too far

Raindrops on a windowpane

No smile left to maintain

No more happiness to take

Her teardrops on a pillowcase

I don’t why, but I really do love this one…

And it’ll be posted in Holding onto Stars tomorrow!

For now, though, let me know what you thought/think of it!


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