A very special poem preview! (VLOG!!!)

Okay, guys, so… I got a fun lil’ surprise for y’all!

Today is a poem preview today for Holding onto Stars… AND a special vlog upload day!!!

So, here’s what I did.

I made a short lil’ vid of me reading one of my own poems, one that I have not published yet. I plan that it’ll be published tomorrow, though, so… it’s a poem preview!

And it’s a vlog!

Two for the viewing time of one, how great, right?

So, without blabbering away any longer… here’s vlog #3, a.k.a. me reading my own poem “Disordered”!

Transcript of “Disordered”:

Spit up your words, girl
Throw up your thoughts
Nobody knows
How far you’re lost

Talk to the toilet below
Cry to the bright lights above
But even you know
This bathroom can’t give you a hug

Make me look beautiful
Make me look gorgeous
Make me so perfect
That no one can ignore us

Make me so thin
That there’s no room for thought
Make me so tired
That there’s no time to talk

Sit at the table now, girl
Take a look at your plate
Nobody knows
Of the mask that you fake

Talk to the others
Smile at them
Don’t let them know
How desert will be spent

Forget about last night
Forget about breakfast
Forget about everything
That you keep in your head

Forget everything
Leave nothing left
Forget about desire
Think of us instead

And listen to me, girl
Because they’ll tell you lies
Only I know
Which choice is right

And don’t talk to me, girl
You can’t change my plans
But only you know
Who I really am.

I hope you all enjoyed the spiced up poetry reading I did, and… let me know what you thought… slash think… and… ’til next time!

Peace out homedogs!



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