Poem preview: A child’s life song

Hey hey hey, it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these!

So, I really like this poem and I wanted to preview it over here before it shows up in Holding onto Stars tomorrow… and, sadly, I have a feeling it may be one of our last true poem previews.

But, we should enjoy it as much as we can for the time being, right?

So, here it is- “A child’s life song” from Holding onto Stars. ❤

As a child I told myself

To never let go if I had left,

But then I grew old and it came to be

That I have no say in those kinds of things.

When I was younger I chose to play

With my little dolls every day,

But these times I choose instead

To play with the dollhouses locked in my head.

One time I wasn’t much wise

And talked my thoughts right into a lie,

But then my mother looked past the glass

And my candy-coated tongue never did last.

There once was a day that I wanted to be older

And I dropped all my dolls at the end of the corridor,

But I tell you time sped after that

And deeply I wish I could snatch it back.

I miss all the times when I still was free

And I miss all the days when they said I was sweet,

I miss the innocence and unbreakable love

I miss the attention, the guidance, and the hugs.

A promise once said is a promise less kept,

Though sometimes I forget the words I once said,

A childhood lost is a child’s life gone,

Though I’m afraid all that’s left of mine

Is now trapped in this song.

So, there it is!

Let me know what you thought/think!

Until next time…


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