It’s International Day for Tolerance!

Though probably not well-known (I didn’t know, that is, until I read yesterday’s paper for the first time in a month or two…), today is actually declared as International Day for Tolerance by the United Nations.


So, I think this is a pretty important day. I mean, a lot of us just take for granted the belief (and truth) that all people are made to be equal, and that we all share the same human rights. Though we all sometimes, unfortunately, have to face people who may think otherwise.

Today, though, is a day to come together and stand together, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion… and whatever else we may or may not use to categorize ourselves. Because, no matter our labels or identities, we are all human.

Tolerance is harmony in difference.

I, myself, like to stand firm by what it means to be tolerant. I think it’s important for us all to learn about others’ cultures and lifestyles, and that’s probably one of (if not the) biggest reason I chose to teach myself three different foreign languages (not that I think everyone needs to exactly do that, though… haha.). For me, learning about other languages and cultures is one of my top pastimes, pretty much.

International Day for Tolerance, though, is the perfect opportunity for us to put aside our differences, create unity, and create peace.


And, I’m not kidding, my heart melts every time I see or hear an example of this kind of thing happening. It’s really that important to me- seeing people with different backgrounds coming together or realizing that they’re really not all that different after all. Sometimes, it even moves me to tears.


So, today is important day for us all to observe and take part in. It’s a chance for every single one of us to step up and make it known to the world- we stand for tolerance, acceptance, and peace. 

Again, we are all human, aren’t we?


Today, I am choosing to make my stance clear and heard. Today, I stand for tolerance.

Do you?

-iKari ❤

One thought on “It’s International Day for Tolerance!

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I didn’t know it was International Day for Tolerance a couple of days ago. 😆

    I agree it’s important to be tolerant of others (of course, being tolerant doesn’t mean being a doormat 😅), because we’re all so diverse and unique! I try to be tolerant on a daily basis. 😀

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