Somewhere… over the rainbow…

There’s something over there but I can’t find it. 

Today, we’re going to bask in the glory of the classic tune from The Wizard of Oz with a lil’ poem I wrote a while ago based on the song itself… it’s called “Where is my rainbow today?”

Because I obviously couldn’t find one while I was writing at 2 a.m.

But, anywho, let’s take a look into this classic with my own spin and hopefully enjoy it throughly!

Poem Transcript:

Above me birds fly away
But below me my feet stay
Where is my rainbow today?

Walking through the clouds
Filling up my head with doubts
While the sky remains blue

I make a wish upon the stars
Though I can’t see where they are
I hope tomorrow it comes true

Humming softly in my head
The words of long ago once said
The pretty speak of a lullaby

Singing of a special place
Where true happiness is made
And your spirits live so high

One time in a dream
This land came to be
Somewhere in far up air

Now I believe that where it is
Is with the ones that live
In daydreams that keep them there

But if I dare to dream it’s so
Then maybe I’ll be blessed to go
Tomorrow to my rainbow

Thank you for watching (if you did… or if not; you still made it to the end of the post!) and let me know what you thought/think!


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