“High School Madness”… the ‘premiere’!

Well, you probably all knew this was coming, but… this is gonna be a fun week for us! Because, every night now (until Friday), a new video in a short vlogging series will up here on my blog!

And it’s gonna be fun!

So, we start off tonight with part one of… reading another old story I wrote back in my elementary days!

And it’s called… “High School Madness”.

Even though I had never experienced high school until 4 years after writing it.

But, anyway, that’s what makes it so entertaining (maybe)!

So, please watch and enjoy the first video in the High School Madness series, right here and now!

Let me know what you thought/think of the ‘premiere episode’, and come back tomorrow night about the same time for the next few chapters!

-iKari 🎥

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