Another chapter in the nanny diaries.

Nannying is like practice for future parenting. You pick up on a lot of skills and stuff, but if you mess up, you don’t really have to care because they’re not your kids!

I took up being a part-time live-in nanny for my own sister about 4 months ago. And, now… well, actually, being a nanny has kind of become a sort of second nature to me. It’s a little weird, I’ll admit, because I think back to when majority of my days were once spent completely kidless… and now I’m like, that sounds so foreign and, quite frankly, totally boring (two of my nephews’ favorite words right now).

Being a nanny with the nanny diary experience… minus the hellishly ignorant parents (again, reference to this post) is actually… pretty awesome!

I’m never bored anymore. Well, during the ~75% of the week that I do spend with my nephews, the little ones I get the pleasure of caring for. The other 25% I’m usually home alone and have to work on my online classes, which I suppose keeps me busy, but isn’t always the most fun option in the book.

Oh, and speaking of books, I’ve also carved out time to work on my next up and coming novel… which I’m hoping will be published sometime during this summer (July or August… possibly?)!

But, anyway, let’s stay on track here.

Being a nanny kind of has its teeter-totter moments. Like, sometimes I find myself feeling  kind of like a 3rd parent for the kids. Other (and, thankfully, probably most) times, I just feel like I get to be their older best friend. And, really, who wouldn’t want me for a bestie?

But there are always those times when you’d rather… just, like, not. When there’s fits or crying or whining or all of the above… you know what I mean. Luckily, I don’t have to deal with a lot of that, so the few times I do, I just try to slide right through it.

Well, what else is there to say about nannying?


Definitely. I mean, I do get paid mega moo-la, baby.


But, really, beside the financial factor, there’s a lot of rewards with having a job like this. You get to watch the kids grow up. You teach them and you see them learn every day. And, above all, you get to love them and they will love you just as much, sometimes even more, back. It’s always a good feeling you get when you see one of your nephews repeat the Russian words you taught him last week to someone else or your younger one scream and hug you when you pick him up from his preschool class.

And, now, I get to begin a new chapter in my own nanny diaries.

…Making this a permanent job. 

Yep, I’m gonna do it. This summer, I plan on moving in with my sister officially, and I will be a full-time live-in nanny until the end of next May. And then… well, who knows after that, but I’m committing to this now. And I just wanted to announce that with y’all… before I even told anybody else.

And you guys know I love being a baminaia (The cutest Italian word for nanny)!

So… wish me luck with this small (or maybe moderately sized) transition!

I’m looking forward to this next chapter, and I’ll keep you guys updated as time goes on.

Until my next post, though…

-iKari ❤


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