A very special story from a very special guest blogger…

So… I’ve got a very special guest on my blog today! I think you guys are gonna love him; he’s got a story to share!

…It’s my 3 (almost 4) year-old nephew, Asher!

Now, granted, I helped him type up this story and gave him a few ideas to start off with… but, generally, these are most of his actual story telling words from his actual story telling mouth.

Also, the characters Dog Man, Lil’ Petey, and Big Petey are from his favorite book series… Dog Man! Oh, and there’s a mention of Cosmo somewhere in there, who, FYI, is a robotic toy forklift that can be controlled by an app on my sister’s iPad.

Really, though, I think we’ve got some great story-telling talent on our hands! Read on through his story… and tell us what you thought/think afterward!

Dog Man was so sad. His favorite blue balloon just popped. Now, what will he take to Lil’ Petey’s 3rd birthday party?

He searched Costco for a new orange balloon. And, guess what? He found one!

It was perfect. Lil’ Petey was going to love it!

So… he took it to Lil’ Petey! But then, there was another problem…

This balloon popped, too.

Now, Dog Man wants to fix this balloon. How? With water!

Dog Man dumped a bucket of ice water on the balloon, and then he tied a string on it and put a cap on the hole. And then… he took the orange balloon to Lil’ Petey! And… to Big Petey, too!

But then… Big Petey destroyed the whole birthday! He crushed everything up!

How rude.


So, then, Dog Man whacked Big Petey in the face. And then, Big Petey… wait, I don’t remember. No, actually, he got Lil’ Petey a birthday cake shirt from the store… and then, he destroyed the store.

And then he gave the shirt to Dog Man. And then Dog Man gave it to Lil’ Petey, because, duh, it was his birthday.

And then… Dog Man punched Big Petey in the face! And then, Big Petey said, “Shut up.” Because he though this was actually Dog Man’s birthday… but, really, it was Lil’ Petey’s. So, now he’s just confused.

And then Cosmo tried to play with Big Petey, Lil’ Petey, and Dog Man, but none of them had an iPad, so they had to go buy one in order to play with him. Because, duh, Cosmo only works on the iPad.

And then they played with him. And then… they sold him to some of their friends. And then Big Petey said, “Boo-hoo.” Because he couldn’t play with Cosmo anymore.

But then they started Lil’ Petey’s party. But Big Petey couldn’t stay for it because his name wasn’t on the list. Because Lil’ Petey doesn’t like him very much. And that made him so sad.

But, they had the party anyway. Without any Big Peteys.

And they had a good time. And then they said… ‘the end, hooray!’

-iKari… and Asher!

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