Another new Wattpad thing

It seems like Wattpad is changing and evolving so much these days… but I still remember the OG times with it. You know, those good ol’ days…

Well, anyway, I haven’t really been been on Wattpad dot com too much lately. I’m occupied right now with blogging and writing for publishing elsewhere. And, also, no one really talks to me on it too much anymore. Wah-wah. 

I actually deleted the Wattpad App from my phone a few weeks ago… but, anyway, this is all beside the point.

Wattpad’s got its ‘premium’ features still on the rise. They even tried to fool me into paying for it with this a month or two ago.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 12.15.09 PM

*Clicks on purple dot in lower-left corner*

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 12.17.34 PM

Yeah, um, no thank you.

But Wattpad has also always been changing and playing with the algorithms that determine how everyone’s stories are ranked. Trust me, I’ve been there for almost 7 years now (wow, that was painful math to do), and I’ve noticed every little swerve in their system. Sometimes it’s been surprisingly easy to get low-profile books in the top ranks of certain genres, and other times it’s been books of 30k+ reads and votes straight across the board. There was even once a time that I, myself, had two stories in the top 50 thriller/suspense category at the same time. And then there were other times when I had more popular books (in terms of votes, at least) barely even in the ‘top 900’.

Now, though, beside top ranks in genres, you can also rank in the tags you put on your stories.

I just noticed this today (though it may have been like this for weeks, seeing how I rarely check my account anymore), and I’ll show you an example of this whole new thing with my own stories.

So, here’s what I first noticed on my short horror story, Red.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 12.31.18 PM

(#527 IN HIM)

Then, after I ‘see all rankings’…

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 12.32.55 PM

You can see what number rank I hold in each tag out of how many stories. I also obviously have more tags than just those… but, for whatever reason, it only shows those three; it shows four for my newer short story, Once More, which has minimal votes and reads right now, A.K.A. a lot less than Red.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 12.40.05 PM

So, I’m not sure how these rankings in tags are determined, but I suppose it’s a nice new way of ranking stories by something other than the giant genre categories.

Also, no other one of my stories have ranks in tags like this… so it may only count for newer works or books only in certain genres… who knows. It’s just something I noticed and felt I should share here because I never talk about Wattpad anymore.

So… let’s see where Wattpad goes next!


6 thoughts on “Another new Wattpad thing

    1. I have no clue because I don’t have premium. I would assume not, because rankings should be the same across the board. I could always be wrong, though, but I think I’d be a little annoyed if rankings changed or looked different for the premium people.

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      1. For my old books that I have published. They don’t show the rankings for the tags even though I can see them when I go into those tags categories. Like searching them up. Premium users on wattpad get more privileges then the regular ol’ users.

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      2. Very true, I don’t really like the new premium thing very much because of that, because I’ve been then for years and suddenly don’t get privileges for a website I’ve used for free since… forever, haha. I think that rankings thing could just be a glitch, but it’s also very possible it’s a premium user-only thing because my old books don’t show my ranks anymore either.

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      3. That and wattpad no longer does the offline for books. I’ve been hearing many complaints about that. How you can no longer read stories from your library offline and that always use to come in handy for me when I was on a long road trip and the data coverages were spotty. I think wattpad is trying to catch up to other applications that compete with them. Such as Inkitt, Radish, and other applications that are semi stealing their authors and readers.

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      4. Hm, I didn’t know they dropped that feature. I never used it anyway, so that’s probably why I didn’t know. That’s odd that they’d drop something simple like that… but maybe again, they’re going to make it for premium users now instead.

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