New writin’ prompts for y’all!!!

Hey, I’m back again with some original writing prompt ideas for you all to test out! Most of them I came up, but a few I found from different sources and just put a new spin on them. Let me know if you particularly like any or if you actually do decide to give one (or two or three or all of them) a try!

So, here’s the list to maybe quite possibly spark some short stories and/or creative ideas in your mind!

  • You are an astronaut that was launched into space in the year 2018, but return to Earth a few months later in 1922.
  • Your new pet duck can suddenly speak, but the only thing he currently knows how to say is just unspeakable.
  • Your brother Billy works as a bee keeper. You, however, are deathly allergic to bees and are terrified that the next time he gives you one of his ‘specimens’ as a gift it will be the last.
  • There is a house in a forest in Poland that has, to say the least, a very dark history; tell the world why.
  • A group of high-class hackers has just contacted you with an offer- you can have any password to any account in the world. The catch… well, they failed to mention that part…
  • Why does that painting identified and confirmed to be by Leonardo da Vinci clearly depict you and your wife?
  • In order to fully understand the condition of her client, Maria Deoray must live through her client’s own nightmares for one single night.
  • “How many times are we going to have to bury this girl?”

Well, that’s that. I know, it’s a bit short, but I had to come up with all of those and I’ll be sure to post another list sometime again in the future. Again, let me know what you thought/think of the prompts… and definitely alert me if you decide to use one; I’d love to see where these starters take y’all!


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