And then THAT had to happen…

Hey, y’all, I’m gonna make this quick.

I literally have to.

So, here’s why/what’s up.

Yesterday morning I awoke in a fairly decent mood, had my 4 year old neph for the day, as per usual on a per usual Tuesday… and I figured it would make for a good day if I could just take him to the nearby playground and bring along my haul of homework to concentrate on while he played the hours away.

But then, before we left, I opened my laptop to, I guess, download some of my work… and then…

IT happened.

My laptop screen… just… c-completely… w-w-went… ou-out

And I asked the good lord why.

But, to be more descriptive, I have a two-year-old MacBook Air, in a pretty dang good condition, until it decided to be otherwise yesterday. The screen, as soon as I opened it, began flickering. Flickering. One half of the screen, then the other, then all over… until it faded into blackness. And, like, the keyboard backlight was still working, and I restarted it and it made normal computing sounds, like it was still clearly on and functioning. It’s just that the screen was dead and I was blinding working through signing on and everything.

So then, quite actually, admittedly, on the verge of tears, I called and texted just about everyone in my close circle as to what to do about it. After a while of fuss and a sweet hug from my nephew (who insisted that he knew exactly how to fix it… though it was far too late), I just plugged the dang thing in and took a magazine to the playground instead.

And, seriously, I was full-out anxiety-riddled at that park. I tried not to, but all I could think about was my computer and how much I dearly missed it and wanted it to just be healthy and in my lap once more.

Later, though, after it had charged up, I came back to take another look at it. And… somehow, miraculously, it… it worked!

Immediately, I got every last file that I both needed and wanted on a flash drive. A flash drive which I had to dump out storage box after storage box to scramble up into my hands before I actually got it into the laptop. And then, after I got what I needed, I shut the screen just as it began the flicker fest once more.

And then, later that night, I tried using it again… and, really, it was a little weird. Like, now it only starts flicking after so many minutes, and then, after about 20, it goes completely black again. And it seems it restarts on its own about half the time it goes out, but the other half the keyboard stays lit and the computer itself still makes sounds for, say, notifications and emails like it normally would.

So, now, this afternoon, I’m literally here for the 20-30 minute window I have with this laptop and its screaming screen to write this update before it fades to black yet again. Yeah, that’s why I said I actually needed to make this fast.

Ignore the typos, if there are any.

And wish me luck with this thing…

Also, let me know, please, if you have/have had this or a similarly problem with your computer in the past. Oh, and I guess I should mention that I got a teeny tiny crack in the corner of my screen about two months ago… so, I feel like, if that has anything to do with it, it’s just a screen problem and that I’ll need just a replaced screen, or screen backlight, or however that works. It’s also started this new thing today where it makes a weird noise when you change the brightness setting… almost like the sound the bright lights at the dentist office make.

But, now, really, I gotta go before my screen does.

-iKari 😦

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