From my week to yours

Time is slipping by me these days. If I can manage anything out of it, though, I really hope it’s a good laugh.

And… I mean from you, not me.

So (inaudible sigh), saying that I have little time for anything anymore would be a bit of an understatement. I have work, school, other work, other other work, and extra work to top it all off. And, seriously, I can account for all of those- I’m not just making up terms to be funny. I could also phrase that sentence as I have day work, school work, writing work, blogging/ ad work, and extra work I set aside all time (not) left for, like painting and constant language learning and such. And, if even that doesn’t sound like much, try squeezing it into the frame of not wanting to do anything else besides watching old sitcoms because you’re too tired from yesterday’s work to do more. Oh, and add being sick with a different disease every week for three weeks on top of that.

This just turned into a rant, didn’t it?


Well, anyway, let’s get down to the better parts of my past week… the funny parts!

I made this list to make myself feel better, and things are probably all out of order and some from even longer than a week ago because I’m too scatter-brained right now to figure out the timeline of events.

But, maybe this list will put a laugh or two in your week, too!

  • One day I came out of the bathroom, while home with my 4 year old nephew, to find him, somehow, watching Paw Patrol on the TV in French. Neither of us speak French.
  • Another day that same nephew, while I was sitting on the floor and painting my nails in front of him, stood up, ripped his pants off, started to strip down, declared “I am only thinking of taking a bubble bath right now”, and then walked away… naked.
  • Yet another day that nephew built a Lego fort, showed me, and informed me, and I quote, “Perhaps, Kari, this is how you express yourself.”
  • A few days ago (I think), an elderly man came up to me in a parking lot and, after looking at my car license plate, asked me if I was from (insert random name here because I’m not telling you, internet, where I’m actually from) county. He was right, and I was friendly and told him what city I’m actually from and where I went to school and heard him mention that he has family in the same area… and then, though, once I got home, I looked at my license plate closely, and I found out that it actually does not say the name of the dang county I’m from anywhere on there. Psychic old man or creepy haggish stalker?
  • On either some other or some same day as one above, I said ‘hi’ to a cute little girl while she was laughing and walking by me at the park. She immediately stopped laughing, glared at me, and physically frowned before walking away.
  • And, well, today I found myself caught in the situation of photoshopping (or just editing, since I actually have never touched the real photoshop program a day in my life… though it just sounds more professional, doesn’t it?) a blueberry both into the shape of a football and into the hands of the NFL Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

And that’s how my week(s) has (have) been.

What’s made your week funny?

(I mean, of course, other than reading this absolutely hilarious post.)


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