8 Questions… answered by the author.

Hey guys, I’m back with more about my newest novel! Yee!

In Between Full

Here’s a short interview (with myself) about that new book (In Between)!

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1. How does this book compare to your previous ones? Would you consider writing another in this genre?

This book was veryyy different from anything else I think I’ve ever written. Genre-wise and, um, setting/plot-wise. It was definitely an interesting point of view to try writing from… well, not try, I did write from it. Not every day you get to look at the world through the lens of a 17 year-old unconscious poltergeist girl, and not every day you get to make fictitious people cry- unless you’re me, apparently. And, with that genre… young, dramatic fiction really was a fun time, and it was different for me, but I think action/adventure and comedic stuff has my heart after all.

2. What was the best part about writing this book?

You know, I was really excited to write In Between just because I wanted to play around with the girl who can’t be seen or heard but still sees and hears and touches and speaks to everyone else… and, actually, that was the most fun part for me, so I’d say that’s the best, still, too.

3. What was the worst part about writing this book?

You really wanna know?
Well… I think the mood was a little too dim for me, like, sad and slightly depressive at times. It was all fun and games at first when there was still time and hope to wake up the dying girl, but after a while, it got tiring to me. Not in a bad way, but still, it was tiring, like, it wore me down. And that was hard, and not fun, so that was the worst.

4. What songs were on your playlist while writing this book?

I know it hasn’t been long since I was still writing it, but I just got a bunch of new albums, so I can’t really remember…
Naturally, I think Evanescence was always playing in the background. And there was the new Fall Out Boy album when it came out this summer… and then, probably, a lot of older stuff that I always play, too. Really, though, the Evanescence Synthesis album was on repeat a lot and I feel like that could almost even be the soundtrack for the book.

5. Which character in this story is your favorite? Or, possibly, least favorite?

I mean, c’mon, Mandi is the best. So snarky and judgmental, I love it. Second fave, though… would be… probably Mason, because he was so cute and sweet. Like my nephews… sometimes…
Least favorite, though… surprisingly, not Chase! Just like everyone else (probably), I didn’t like him in the beginning… but then I felt kind of bad for him, and that could be a part of why certain events switched around with him toward the end. Trever was the same, but the opposite way around. Really, though… didn’t like Brad. But that’s for obvious reasons.

6. How did you come up with the title?

Good question that I don’t actually know the answer to! Fun fact- I originally had titled my draft “lil ghost story”, and I kept it that way the entire time I wrote it. I came up with a bunch of other title ideas toward the end, but I shot all of them down; they were terrible. But then, like, In Between just crossed my mind one day… and I didn’t like that one at first, either, and I didn’t even write it down because I thought it was too plain. But then I just couldn’t get it out of my head, and going into the editing process, I started getting annoyed with not having a title, and lil ghost story was clearly not going to make the cut, so when I was in the car with my dad one day, he asks me, “so what’s the new book called?”, and I just said, “In Between“. And he reacted pretty positively to it, so I just rolled with it, haha.

7. Were you trying to convey any type of message or theme through this work?

Maybe, but not sure I wanna quote them here right now…
Well, there’s probably a lot in there that I put in subconsciously and still don’t realize it’s there unless someone points it out to me. One that I did do intentionally is that age-old thing, tell those you love you love them while you have time. Not that I really have a reason for putting that one in there, but I still did it.

8. Anything… else?

I don’t know why, but I always pictured the dad from The Middle as Mandi’s dad in the story. Neil Flynn is his name, and here’s a headshot.


There y’all have it, 8 questions about In Between, answered. From me, by me. But for you.

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Now, until next time, homedogs…


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