Reading Red, part 5.


After part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4… it has come time to either kill off or save our main character of Red, Anna. This has honestly been a great journey and I’ve learned a lot in making these audio readings for you guys, so I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as I have and I hope I’ve interested you enough to follow me along in my next audio-based endeavors.

For now, though, I think I need to quiet down and just let you get to the ending, and I’m sure you’re all itching to find out what happens!

Red, Part 5.

“Anna…” he grumbled as he stepped heavily towards me. 

I began to back up, staring directly at him. 

“Don’t think that you’re getting out of here like that…” he went on. 

I slammed my backside into the door at the very end of the corridor, and then spun myself around. 

I threw both of my fists up and began to beat on the hard wood in front of me. 

“Help!” I screeched.

I threw my weight from one hip into the door.

“Please, help!” I repeated.

He stepped up behind me and seized my sides. 

“No!” I shouted. 

He pulled me backwards. 

“No! Stop!” I continued to scream. 

He threw me down to the ground and released me from his grip. 

My back crashed into the hard floor as I glanced up at his figure, which was now hovering overtop me. 

He knelt down slightly and snatched up both of my wrist in his hands. 

He straightened his back and stepped backwards, forcing my arms to move along with his motions. 

I screamed out as he drug my body backwards. 

I could hear him let out a quiet laugh. 

He started to curve to the left once we were nearing the opposite end of the hall and I strained my neck to see that he was approaching the beginning of the staircase once more. 

“No!” I shouted, again, while he took the first backwards step to the room below us. 

He turned my body sideways as he took the next two steps, and then I could feel my backside begin to slide onto the wooden steps. After he took the next step, though, I glanced up to see the lower half of my body and threw both of my feet outwards from each other. Then, as he moved one more step downwards, I pushed my toes outwards as well, and hooked the tips of my white sneakers onto the sides of the doorframe. 

He attempted to step back, again, but I now held him back. 

“Ugh,” he muttered under his breath, now tugging harder on my forearms. 

I took a deep breath and tightened every inch of my leg muscles. 

“Anna!” he shouted, giving one final yank on my arms before he decided to release them and reach over my body, towards my legs. 

Before he had a chance to put his hands back on me, however, I threw my head back and reached my hands out to his own legs, which stood directly in front of my forehead. 

I shoved my hands towards his ankles and thrusted them backwards. 

He let out a grunt as his feet stumbled back and his back straightened out.

I curled my toes further into the wood of the doorframe and used my core muscles to jerk myself up to a sitting position. After that, I threw my upper body forwards and fell onto my knees,  just on the other side of the doorway.  

I heard a chain of bang-like sounds ring out from behind me as I forced myself up to a stand. 

And then a silence fell. 

Breathing heavily, I carefully stepped back to the doorframe and peeked down the staircase. 

He was laying, motionless, his body sprawled out face down on top of the last few steps. 

I studied him for a moment, and then turned back to glance down the hallway. 

I stepped swiftly up to the closest closed door on the right hand side and reached a hand out to jiggle its handle, one of only two that I had yet to at least try to open. 

It was locked. 

I twisted to the left, stepped up to the last door, and gave it a try as well. 


I let out a small sigh in frustration and looked the tiny keyhole on the door knob over for a second. 

I turned to look back at the doorframe across the hall. 

Cautiously, I stepped back over to it and poked my head around the corner, yet again. 

He remained still. 

I began to step slowly down the staircase, my eyes not moving off of him once. 

Eventually, I reached the end, and crouched quietly down by his side. 

I snuck one hand into one of his back jeans pocket and felt my fingertips around for a second. 

When I discovered that there was nothing there, I pulled my hand back and tried again with the other pocket. 

Again, nothing. 

I pulled myself back a bit, and then reached my hand down to wiggle in between his one hip and the wooden stair underneath it. 

I pushed two fingertips into his front pocket and swept them across a cool, tiny surface. 

I shoved more of my hand forwards and used my index finger and thumb to grab at what I had felt. 

Once I had a grasp on it, I yanked my hand back. 

And then I held up a small, golden key. 

I gave a tiny exhale in relief. 

I stood myself back up and turned to make my way up to the top of the staircase. After that, I paced into the center of the hallway, glanced around, and then stepped up to the door placed on the very end. 

I reached the key up to the little cutout on the door handle and attempted to insert it. 

It wouldn’t fit. 

I stepped back, turned to the left, and tried it with a different door. 

Again, it wouldn’t work. 

“Ugh,” I muttered, turning to the next door in line. 

The same problem occurred with it. 

I spun around and stepped up to another door, across the way.

This time, though, it fit.

I twisted it clockwise in the lock, and then turned the handle in the same direction as I leaned my weight inwards. 

The door swung open in front of me. 

A wave of a bitter, horrid scent tinged with an almost sweet odor instantly swept across my face. 

I brought my right hand up to shield my nose from the smell as I stepped cautiously forwards, finding myself entering a pitch black room, the only light shining into it coming from the dim hall behind me. 

I glanced down to the floor and noticed that it was carpeted white, although it had a number of dark red and brown stains tinting it. 

I reached my left hand to the wall nearby and felt for a light switch, of which I found fairly quickly.

I flipped the switch upwards and watched as a bright light flickered into illumination from overhead. 

And then I saw a queen sized bed with nothing on it but a blood-soaked mattress and a nearly countless number of large, full black trash bags, all of which seeming to be very oddly shaped. 

A blood-tinged hand poked out from one of them.

My eyes began to water as I glanced away and visually searched the rest of the room. 

There were two dressers, one against either wall, an open closet overflowing with dirtied articles of clothing, all of which appearing to be in different sizes, and nothing else in the room but a shaded window right next to the bed. 

I removed my hand from over my face and stepped towards the bedside, afterwards reaching out to pull the string attached to the window’s blinds. 

I soon revealed a dark windowpane. 

I reached out with both hands and grabbed at the bottom edge of it, and then jerked it upwards, opening a moderately large hole in the wall. 

A cool, fresh breeze hit my face as I reached out to feel the screen on the other side of the window ledge. I grabbed at the two white tabs on either side of it, pulled them inwards, and then pushed the screen outwards. 

It fell to the dark ground below. 

I poked my head out of the hole and looked around. 

I saw nothing but the night sky and a large grouping of tall, deciduous trees straight ahead.

I leaned back, and then threw one foot over the ledge in front of me, preparing to get myself into a sitting position on the edge. I followed up with the other leg, and then tossed my feet onto the ground on the other side, landing my weight on top of them. 

I stepped forwards and glanced around. 

A long line of trees stretched over the entire area ahead of me, leaving only a few feet of grass between those and the blue paneled exterior wall of the house behind me. 

I turned to the left and rushed forwards.

I reached the end of the thin path, and then glanced around to see that nothing but trees and forest area surrounded the house from every angle. 

I twisted to the left, where another wall of the house extended outwards, and began to follow alongside its edge. 

Once to the next corner of the home, then, I turned, again, and noticed that there was a porch-like area ahead. I stepped up to it, observed its torn, wooden features, and then glanced straight away from it, where a long, dirt path was placed in between the woodland areas in front of me. 

I began to take off down the trail.

I ran through the darkness of the forest around me for a good few minutes, until I eventually reached the gravel-paved road at the very end. 

I stepped into the middle of the street and glanced around. 

There was no one around and the road, itself, was completely surrounded by wooded area. 

I took a heavy breath and turned into one direction, now beginning to swiftly pace along it. 

No sounds surrounded me but the silent night air. 

I continued to quietly walk, now bringing myself to one side of the street.

Then, I began to hear a distant, rumble-like sound. 

I stopped in my tracks. 

The noise grew closer. 

I looked around. 

Everything was unmoving. 

The sound drew nearer extremely quickly. 

It was coming from somewhere behind me. 

I whipped around and saw a bright light shine over the road from around the curve of trees ahead. 

I threw my arms up as a small sport car revealed itself. 

“Hey! Stop!” I shouted out, now waving my hands frantically through the air. 

The car sped into my direction. 

“Stop!” I repeated as I took a slight step backwards. 

But, the car didn’t stop. 

The beam of its headlights blinded me as they rolled quickly towards me. 

I turned to the left and began to lunge forwards, away from the road. 

Before I could, though, the hood of the car crashed into my side. 

I could hear its tires squeal out. 

My body collided with the smooth, hard windshield. 

I took a shaky, shallow breath. 


I heard a steady, slow robotic beeping noise. 

I opened my eyes carefully to an exposure of bright light and cool air. 

I squinted and glanced downwards, where I noticed a thick, light blue blanket was wrapped over my stiff, numb lower body and a number of cords were hooked onto my arms’ skin.

I craned my neck to the side and took in the image of two tall men conversing behind a framed glass wall. 

One of them gazed over to my direction, and then turned to step through the closed door next to his side. 

He entered the white room that currently contained me and made his way over to my side. 

“How are you feeling, Miss Webber?” he asked. 

I looked his unfamiliar, chubby figure and pure black uniform over for a second. 

“F…Fine,” I croaked out. “How do… How do you know… my name?”

He grabbed a chair near the side of the bed I was laying in and took a seat in front of me. 

The golden badge on his chest reflected across my face in his process of doing so. 

“You were missing for a little while,” he stated, his round features searching my expression for a moment. “Do you remember where you were?”

“I… I was…” I paused. 

I began to breathe more heavily. 

The loud beeping that echoed within the room picked up its consistency. 

“W-where…” I muttered, rushing myself into a sitting position. “Where is he?” 

“Whoa,” the man began, standing up to gently place his hands on my shoulders. “Calm down there, Miss Webber, you’re safe now.” 

“But, where is he?” I nearly yelled out, turning to look up at him. 

He searched my face. 

“Who?” he inquired. 

I took a moment before continuing. 

H-Him… He was… in the house… Is he… Is he dead?”

The man carefully pushed my upper body back onto the pillow underneath me. 

“Miss, I’m not sure who you’re talking about,” he responded. “We did, however, search a house near where you were found, yesterday-”

I cut his reply short. 

“Was there a… an open window? To a room with… with…”

“There was an open window, with a screen on the ground outside of it, and a room with a number of unidentifiable bodies,” the uniformed man carried on, after my words had trailed away from my mouth. “Were you being held in that house?” 

I fell quiet for a second, and then nodded my head.

He leaned back and sat back down in his chair. 

“I figured so…” he started. 

He resituated himself momentarily and cleared his throat. 

“Miss Webber…” he continued. “There was no one else found in that house… Alive or recently dead, that is.”

I could feel my eyes begin to burn. 

“I’m sorry, Miss We…”

He paused. 

Anna,” he went on. “But…”

His eyes flickered over my expression for a second. 

“He… He got away,” he said. “And we might not be able to find him.”

I felt a tear drip from one eye. 

He leaned his backside against the back of his chair. 

I looked past him and glanced out of the glass wall across the room. 

My heart dropped when the other man on the other side turned around. 

“I’m so sorry, Anna, we can try to find him but, unfortunately,” the man at my bedside continued. “By now, I believe… he’s gone.

My eyes had frozen themselves onto the clear barricade between him and I. 

I watched as he calmly waved a hand in my direction, a distinctive set of scars lining his wrist underneath it. 

After a moment, he brought his hand back down and slid it into the front pocket of his worn blue jeans. 

And then he smirked. 

Oh, s***. 

Honestly, though, I feel like I should just exit the blog area now… you know, before I get bombarded with the rage of emotional readers.

Have a great weekend everyone, and let me know… how you fared with this… grand ending!


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