FINALLY… I am taking creative writing.

As a college-level class, that is.

Yep, it’s about time I started to actually learn about the “craft” of writing. I mean, not that I don’t already get it… because I clearly do, but it just seems like, logical, I guess, that I take every opportunity I get to be gifted with when it comes to practicing writing in any way I can.

Sorry… that was kind of a mouthful.

But, anyway, my regular classes started about a week ago, and so far… so good, it seems. I am taking a few other courses as well this semester, but creative writing was the one I was most excited about. For good, obvious reasons, too. So far, it seems to go at a nice pace, slow enough to get some good writing practice in with feedback from teachers and classmates, but not slow enough that I get things done three weeks in advance and tap my thumbs until the next assignment rolls around.

Creative writing is my thing… I mean, my thang. And a class for college credit that actually not only involves but centers around that one thang… oh, praise be.

I think this class will cover things like poetry writing, general short stories, and drama/ scripts. And, who knows, maybe I’ll write some pretty amazing stuff that will blog-share-worthy!

I’ll keep y’all posted on how things go!




5 thoughts on “FINALLY… I am taking creative writing.

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