Just a general site update.

Hey homedogs!

So, you’ve probably noticed by now that we’ve taken a temporary break from the Inquiry Entries. I’ve posted a (slightly mysterious) preview message to a little something that’s, um, coming soon… yesterday. Now, I will put out a couple more blog posts this week, and maybe another one or two the next… but then I’ll be “going offline” (as I think the kids would say it) for another week or so.

The big question to answer that statement with is… well, why?

I’m too into questions lately.

Well, I’ll be taking a week or two to do some site maintenance. Some heavy… site maintenance.

Things may look very different when I come back. Or I may change my mind and they may not. I don’t know.

But, until then, let’s kick back with some good old-fashioned, classic Kari’s blog posts!


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