The 21st Art Piece of the Week!

It’s a very unique piece this week, too!

So, when I was preparing for my first art show the other weekend, I was trying to get a lot of different products around really fast, and my dad was helping me, and he does (though he used to do much more) woodworking, so he got out a few things from his workshop for me to play around with and paint up!

And, well, this was one of those very unique things!

It’s an M&M candy dispenser!

My dad’s made quite a few of these, and he used to keep one in his office, when he worked for the school district, for the kids to come and use.

Of course, though, kids and adults both love chocolate!

So, for this sweet little doodad, he crafted all the wood parts, and I just painted the mason jar on top. I think the picture I did is very fitting, don’t you?

Wish you had one in your office, too?

Well, I just added this piece to my Etsy shop last weekend! And, even though my Black Friday sales are over, you can still get 15% off this item, and a lot of others, with coupon code BLOG15.

I love doing unique things like this. I think they also made great gifts (we’ve still got time for the holidays, right?) because… literally, you won’t find another thing exactly like this!

Let me know how interesting (or, I guess, possibly not) you think this thing is!

And also… do you prefer M&Ms… or Skittles?


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