The 23rd Art Piece of the Week!

Hey guys, I got another resin piece for you to see today!

I call it… “Pretty Pink Fish”.

I called it pretty and pink because… well, it is pretty and pink, and I made it pretty and pink because… the bowl is also pretty and pink!

Well, I mean, the bowl is orange on the inside… but pink and pretty on the outside! Not that, like, it’s only the outside that counts or something… but, well, anyway, I think it looks great from all angles!

So, if you haven’t seen any of these resin piece before, you should first be informed that this is NOT a real fish—it’s made completely with paint and resin to look realistic. If you want to hear more about the process behind how I make these, check out this post.

I really like adding the rocks and sand to the bottom of these, too. Don’t you think it just adds so much more dimension?

So, you guessed it, this piece is available for purchase on my Etsy! And, you also guessed it, you can get 15% off of this and/or anything else you buy from me on Etsy with the coupon code BLOG15!

Let me know what you think/thought of this piece and/or, maybe, how your Holidays are going!


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