Art Piece of the Week 25!

You know, I was doing a crossword the other day (rare because, believe it or not, I’m terrible at them)… and one of the word clues was something like, “locomotive; connected carriages”… and, I’m not kidding you, but this was around the time that I was studying for a Spanish test, and I said, “What’s a crazy motive got to do with anything?”

I cheated and revealed the answer on the crossword… the word was “train”.

So, my weird introduction aside, today I’m going to show you a painting of… a train track!

Or railroad, railway, or whatever you call it…

But, now, this is my first framed canvas painting! I already had this brand new frame laying around and I was like… well, why don’t I just paint a picture for the frame, rather than go around trying to find a frame for the picture?

And so, I used a picture that I took last summer for reference.

I’m always actively looking for places to paint pictures of, especially when I’m driving, which can sometimes also be distracting… but, I found this train track when I was driving with my nephews to PetCo, and while I was driving over it, I looked left, and I saw pretty much exactly what you see in the painting… it’s like a track that leads to nowhere! Or, maybe, I guess, just somewhere really far…

So, on the way back from PetCo, I stopped at this little hiking trail spot nearby the tracks, and I got out to run over a take a picture really fast… on the tracks, too, which I had never done before, so that was an experience in itself. You never really realize how wide the tracks really are until you’re just standing on them… and then you also kind of think of all the possible ways your foot could get caught in them when a train comes hurling your way out of nowhere with a crazy motive.

I call these piece… “On This Journey”. One, because that’s a lyric in a really great song in one of my favorite childhood movies, and second, because I think that just really describes the feeling I get from looking at this picture.

And this painting is up for sale on my Etsy shop! Of course, you can get 15% off of it, and/or anything else there, with coupon code BLOG15, too!

This is one of my favorite pieces so far, I think. What about you?


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