And… Art Piece of the Week #26!

Let’s look at something new this week!’

Like… a brand new NEW arrival in the Etsy shop.

I call it… “Not Just for Frogs!”

Because… you know know, lily pads aren’t just for amphibians.

But, so, and… well, I did this lil’ painting all in one day, just a few days ago. It was one of those winter break days where I just woke up and felt like accomplishing something, though I didn’t feel like actually doing anything. And I had this beast of another painting to work on (which I just finished today, so stay tuned in the following weeks!), but I was definitely not in the mood to work on that thing.

So, I looked through a bunch of the photos I took last summer… and this one just caught my attention. It seemed easy enough… and workable on a small canvas like this.

And thus, “Not Just for Frogs” was created.

Oh, and if you’re curious, the photo I used for reference was actually taken, get this, with my nephews on a playground excursion. It was, like, kind of near the woods, and the lily pads were all over in this big pond right there. I also took some pictures of the view there, since there was a fancy bridge walkway thing going over the water, so I might paint some more things from that same location… who knows.

Now, this painting, like I had mentioned, is up on Etsy right now! You can get free shipping on it, if you live in the U.S., but no matter where you are, feel free to get, oh, I don’t know… 15% off of it with coupon code BLOG15!

Because ponds aren’t just for frogs. Toads can use them, too.


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