Art Piece of the Week no.30

Can you believe it’s already week 30 in our journey of art pieces of all the weeks?

Well, I can, and I’m ready to show you all another beautiful piece!

It’s… another sunset!

I mean, it’s not called “another sunset”… it’s called “Shadows without Doubt”. Because I couldn’t come up with anything clever or funny, I just scribbled down the first thing I could come up with on the back of the canvas.

I feel like the painting itself is pretty simple, but I took my reference picture for it on a beach by Lake Michigan. The clouds just looked so cool, and the sun was about to get setting, so I snapped a quick one, if you know what I’m saying.

The frame for this one is one of my favorites, though, because it’s this super shiny black over matte wood and has this really nice texture to it.

Look at me, geeking out over frames…

But this gorgeously framed painting is up for sale, right now! Find it on my Etsy shop… where you can also get 15% off of everything with the coupon code BLOG15!

Comment below with what you thought/think of this grand 30th piece!


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