The 31st Art Piece of the Week!

Oh my gosh, you guys, I’m super duper excited for this one because it’s probably definitely my favorite piece so far just about ever!

You ready? Get ready!

It’s… another cityscape!

And I named it after the wonderful city it features… “Chicag-OH!”

I feel like the photos really speak for themselves with this one, too, so I’ll hush up here for a minute so you can get a good look for yourself.

This is probably one the largest and most labor-intensive pieces I’ve done so far (not that it was really difficult or anything… just extremely annoyingly frustrating at times), and it’s by far the biggest cityscape I’ve done. It’s the details that get to me, but it’s those details that also make it!

Now, this 16×20 framed piece is up for sale on my Etsy, and you can currently get 15% off of its listed price with coupon code BLOG15, as well as free shipping in the U.S. I mean, even though it’s my favorite piece… I’ll still let you have it!

So, check it out and, as always, let me know what you thought/think!


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