Art Piece of the Week no.34!

I like boxes. And fish. Do you?

Because this week I wanna show you guys a nice lil’ 3D piece that incorporates, guess what, both of those things!

And it’s called… “Betta in a Box”.


It’s betta’ than real. It’s all made with acrylic paint and resin, and if you want to hear more about how it’s done, check out this post.

(It is a real box, though, just so you know.)

I like that this fish, different from some of my others, is pretty simple and just in there on its own. There really is beauty is simplicity, right?

The box that it’s in is also hand-made (not by me, though, unfortunately), and has its own decorative lid!

So, guys, you can have this thing, if you want. Right now it’s hiding in my art tote in the back of my closet and just waiting for a betta home!

Okay, sorry, that’s the last time I’ll use that pun…

But, really, it is up for sale on my Etsy page, and you can also get 15% off of its listed price if you want with coupon code BLOG15.

Check it out and, as always, let me know what you thought/think!


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