When ya need a break, ya need a break.

I just need a break, you know? Maybe that’s the real reason it’s called the “breaking” point.

Well, needless to say (though I’m gonna say it anyway), the past two weeks have been very stressful. Not just for me, too, but for just about every human being in an even remotely civilized area all over the planet. And we all know what I’m talking about, so we don’t need to go further into that.

But, even at this, I’ve been just in the mood to take a break for a while. A break, specifically, just from painting; I already took a break from writing after my last book published and I miraculously actually got a full spring break from school last week. So, now, the wheel is a turnin’, and it’s a landin’ on a paintin’ next.

The last few paintings I actually did were pretty big and intense. And, you know what, they took a lot out of me, and I’ll admit that I felt more drained that revitalized after doing them. I mean, painting is supposed to be fun, right? Not just something I’ve picked up on, frankly, for the selling and profit.

I don’t like the feeling of doing something that’s supposed to fun and creative, ahem, painting, like it’s just another job on the to-do list. And I noticed that the last few paintings I finished were starting to feel like that–just another thing that I’ve told myself I have to do. And when it feels more enjoyable to see something completely done than it does in the actual process of creating it… well, that seems problematic, doesn’t it?

So, yes, y’all, I have come to the only solution I feel available right now to solve this here dilemma. I guess I’m taking a break from painting… for a while.

How long that while is can be anyone’s guess, but I suppose there’s lots of breaks being taken right now that seem like they’ll have no ending date. Again, sorry, we weren’t going to talk about that… but, hey, I feel like you feel like we feel the same feelings right now!

And now, wish me luck, friends, with my journey of a break. Break away, break off, break a leg. Just don’t break my heart.


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