How much can you get with one cent?

Not much these days. Pretty much just a crank in the penny-imprinting machine at the children’s museums.

But, I am here today to tell you one thing you can get with, literally, one cent! And that thing is called…

Well, here’s a pic. Guess!

Any thoughts? Huh? Do you know what that is?

Well, I know many of your probably don’t know, but it’s my first published audiobook of my first published e-book, Cartoon! It’s been out since October on most retailer platforms, but…

Today, you can download it for just 1 cent!

This deal is available through the retailers Apple (iTunes) and Chirp. Check it out!

I know, it’s not technically free… but, hey, this is the best I could do.

So, if you have a penny to spare… give my audiobook a try! It’s not going to be this ridiculously low price forever (just until June 15th, actually).

And look here for other retailer links if Apple and Chirp aren’t really your thing.

Other than that… have a lovely weekend, everyone.


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